Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a blog post while my kids draw on their legs with marker

instagram photos. i know. it was either this or talk about how obsessed i am with Friday Night Lights.

first haircut! if only it wasn't done on the sly with safety scissors. do i just cut bangs? normally her hair is very curly.

i swear milo gets a new freckle every day.


the watermelon were getting eaten by some pest, so i preemptively picked this and took a picture and that's all it was good for. it tasted bad.


bought this skirt 30% because it was on sale and 80% because it reminds me of PEI. oh yeah, this skirt's giving 110%. kind of like tim riggins on the field.


Jill said...

Abby! I'm addicted to fnl as well!

robin said...

you've been to pei? me too! we should talk about that sometime.

i love that skirt and i love your kids. there i said it. i don't know them, but i love them.

you instagram? how come i didn't know this? why doth i not follow ye?

i tried friday night lights (cause everyone LOVES it!) but i get motion sickness with all that cool, in and out, crazy angles, and documentary-style filming.

maybe i should try it again with a motion-sickness patch.

communikate. said...

tim riggins is hot. we (as in graham and i) love him. he's the best. i almost (almost) convinced myself that i wanted to move to texas and be a school advisor after watch fnl.

oh, and how does pearl look way older in that top photo? crazy.

sarah marie. said...

first of all i will always be in love with tim riggins. second remember when i said we need to follow each other on instagram? hmmm.

Emily said...

That's an awesome skirt.

kelly said...

i'll get in on this too: I really really love Friday Night Lights and Tim Riggins is the best kind of eye candy there is. but besides all that, the show is really emotional and i love it, Parenthood was really good too(same people)
Pearl will look really cute with bangs. Really really cute.
I just ordered some clothes for Lena at Zara kids online, and believe it or not a few items at Forever 21 kids.
I also always enjoy crew cuts when J. Crew has their additional 30% sale.
to condense: lena, clothes, crew cuts, zara kids, forever 21 girls, h&m
gap is pretty awful for her age right now.

my caps were all over the map with this comment.

kelly said...
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Tyanna said...

clear eyes. full hearts. can't lose.
i, too, am obsessed.

kate said...

It makes my heart so happy every time I hear of another person being hooked to that show.

Also-I'm making friends with a girl here that has a Pearl and I think it's subconsciously to fulfill mine and your friendship. Cool?

off switch said...

your fnl and time riggins jokes crack me up...and i'm totally down if you want to just write a post about the show. :)

angela hardison said...

i just finished watching all of FNL and i'm mad it's over.

that skirt looks awesome.

the southern hostess said...

So cute! I love these photos. And I love Friday Night Lights. :)

Reba said...

I love your skirt. And your shoes. Would you mind sharing where you got them? The pic is a little blurry on the feet, but I can tell I want some!

Anonymous said...

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