Thursday, July 15, 2010

beautiful you

katie has a charming blog and just got back from an idyllic seven weeks in italy.* she also has a genius blog series called "beautiful you" in which she interviews women about their perceptions of beauty and confidence. here's mine she posted recently. and here's all the interviews. i've really loved reading everyone's answers!  definitely check out her blog. it's one that leaves me feeling refreshed and positive, which i can't say about a lot of the blogs i'm addicted to.** yeah, there, i said it. addicted. actually i'm kind of bored by blogging lately and have 200+ posts in google reader just waiting to suck me in. not today, blogs! not today. 

(picture from katie in st. peter's basilica.)

*on a personal sidenote, i want to say a curse word every time i hear about another person going to europe this summer. everyone is doing it! gag me!! just kidding, girls. love you! me jealous? noooo.

**but not your blog. definitely not your blog.