Wednesday, June 23, 2010

part 2

our last saturday was one of the best days on the island and was spent lobster diving. they were delicious. ours was named Pinchy.
st. kitts is where milo got really really really into legos. i am always so impressed with his creations.

this is where we spent $6 for a gallon of milk and were thrilled if broccoli was in stock. kittitians call it valumart. americans call it IGA. i call revelation about walmart. (it's not so bad, kids.) there are many fabulous things about st. kitts, but grocery shopping isn't one of them.
scenic railway with my parents. on an old sugar train. really cool.

all of the picture colors look wonky, but i give up. my mom posted some real gorgeous photos of me on facebook recently so stayed tuned for part 3, where i repay the favor with swimsuit photos.