Friday, July 16, 2010

da tird part

and i guess no swimsuit photos of my mom.

i'm going to resist the urge to narrate these. but i do want to say that my last post was super bratty. i was making fun of myself but it came out all wrong. all wrong! i do like blogs but i even more like not being on the computer all day. (which is why i shut off comments for awhile.) but some pictures that i haven't shown yet are when we received amazing packages in st. kitts from my friends kim and kate. they were above and beyond creative and generous and thoughtful and they were from girls i've never met in real life!! blog friends: i love them!


communikate. said...

geez, abby. stop being so bratty.
(insert smiley face.)


i've come this close to deleting my blog. making it private. being completely done with cyber- networking all together. it kind of makes me feel icky sometimes... this whole blogging thing.

and then my mom complains if i don't blog.

so i continue forward.

love your island adventure pics. they're happy.

and i love that you opened comments up too.

Becky Filhart said...

you dog. i can't believe you put a swimsuit pic of me...when i'm prego no less. i still love you, though...and looking at these pictures make me miss you even more. i look at them and think "wow...they were really here!!!" boohoo. i'll stop now.

i'm also glad you opened up comments up again. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, more pictures! Just know that the "me a warn you" photo is lurking, in case you post a swim suit photo. AG

Jenn Kirk said...

Yay, commenting is back! First off, welcome back to the states. And secondly, I didn't take your last post to be bratty at all. It is funny, because it is so true (as are all your posts). I love your blog, so just keep doing what you do. And we don't get to go to Europe. Boo.

kara lynn said...

such a beautiful blog. and i loved the photos you took!

my mudda' calls me jack said...

Who needs Europe? Eclipse just came out and that is completely classic and full of culture.
(I hope you already know that I'm completely teasing...)


whimsy said...

ummmm you could never be bratty what are you even talking about crazy?!!! ive missed you!!! i haven't been blogging all summer. i love your pics, i want to come visit, and oh did you ever get my email back to you?
loves britt

whimsy said...

ummmm you could never be bratty what are you even talking about crazy?!!! ive missed you!!! i haven't been blogging all summer. i love your pics, i want to come visit, and oh did you ever get my email back to you?
loves britt

robin said...

oh my gosh, i'm like totally going to europe this summer!!


Bethany said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad to see your blog again:)

amyegodfrey said...

I get a kick out of Milo's expression in the church photo.

chelebug said...

I love your pictures- my favs are the church pic and the pic of you taking a pic in the car mirror. Who is the missionary couple in one photo? They look super familiar to me. Glad your comments are back- it's easier to leave a comment than remember to email... I know I'm kinda lazy. I've loved your last few posts too.

Calico Sky said...

oooh love it!!! I love the feel of the pics, they remind me of where I've just been, minus the beach. So actually they are nothing like where I've just been ;)

I read your sister's blog and saw a pic of Pearl on there today, I was going to come out of lurkedom and say to her "hey that's Abby's daughter" but thought trying to explain how I had an adoption blog and met Wendy through that, then found you, then found her sounded a bit weird. So I keep lurking. I missed your blog while I was away, no access to blogger there. Yet another reason why it wasn't like where you were!

However I did pray for you the other day, because I am having a hard time adjusting and I wondered whether you were.

Are you on facebook?

Calico Sky said...

Okay just looked at all the pics on this page. Seriously I have an idea. I am sure you miss St Kitts. How about you pick me up in England (I will take you to an awesome thatched roofed pub and you can see wild ponies, followed by walking on the bridge over the River Thames) and then take me to St Kitts and show me there? First stop on St Kitts would be for me to have my hair done by Kelly Ripa's lady. AND THEN swimming in the sea for exactly 18 hours and coming out all pruny!

Jamie, Milo and Pearl are welcome to come along & bring Wendy & her awesome family too. Oh yes and your sister with the twins cause they are MEGA cute, the twins not your sister - well she is cute to, but not compared to her kids! LOL


Elena said...

Beautiful pictures. Love Pearl's head full of curls! Your kids are darling.

David and Shalynna said...

Bad timing with turning your comments back on since I'm a terrible commenter nowadays!

I gave a twenty minute speech tonight in my public speaking class and do you want to know what the topic was? You guessed it... Cayman. Let's get together soon and talk about how we miss our islands. Then we'll go to Target and eat red vines and count our blessings that we live in the USA. :)

Leslie said...

have i ever mentioned how much i love your children? because i do. a lot. they are just too freaking adorable! have i also ever mentioned that i miss seeing your face every day? and hearing milo's boots in the kitchen? and talking with pearl about pockets? or watching jamie shave milo's head on the porch only to find out that he chose a clipper guard that was shorter than he thought? i do. i abso-freaking-lutely do. :) love you guys!

sarah marie. said...

hey abby. i just wanted to invite you to our book club we are starting. i would have emailed you but i don't have your address so i'm commenting instead. anyway i'd love to have you come! if you are interested let me know and i'll send you over the details.

Tiffany said...

dear Abby, i miss you! let's hang out soon, really soon k!! i'm not even sure which city you live in, but i'm assuming it's somewhere close to me.

and that photo of milo with the other two kids at church is priceless! :) you're a great photogapher!