Tuesday, January 06, 2009

forget your politics for awhile, let the color schemes arrive.

these are some holgas from thanksgiving-time, driving down to arizona. the top two were in the fabulous metropolis known as panguitch, utah. the bottom one is somewhere between utah and arizona. i can't remember where, but it is one of the places where jamie always says he wants to have a cabin. so i took a picture for him. it is a pretty little spot. come visit us there someday.

i have really enjoyed working with film cameras so much lately. i have learned a lot and get so much satisfaction out of trying to take good pictures. i wish developing 120 film wasn't so expensive or i would use the holga more. the other day i messed up the film in my pentax and ruined the whole roll. i had taken a bunch of pictures of my family sledding at rock canyon park. i am pretty heartbroken about it. oh well.

also, in more depressing news, we went snowboarding at sundance last week and i lost my little canon elph camera. no one has turned it in. it is probably shivering in a snow bank. it really sucks. i don't usually use that word, but that is how i feel. it sucks. and also that day an awful man on skis yelled at my husband after almost knocking him over. but he obviously saw that my husband could beat him up and stopped. but it was awful. and also- the most awful- at sundance: this. sundance and i aren't even talking right now.

enough sad things. in better news, i got my complimentary cut and color today and she was fabulous! i like it a lot! she scheduled me an appointment 8 weeks from now because i didn't have the heart to tell her i do not have $150+ to spend on my hair. she also gave me the dish on naomi watts and rachael ray, so text me if you want to know the gossip. just kidding, i don't have texting. don't text me. and don't encourage me to gossip.

but seriously- rachael ray... you don't even want to know.


Tiffany said...

I feel privileged that I got to see your beautiful haircut today! You look great!

I like your photography skills too! :) Sorry you lost your digital camera.

Anonymous said...

That lovely spot where Jamie wants to live is between Kanab and Panguitch, I believe. I always notice it, too. Please show new hair. AG

Eliza said...

abby! so sad about your camera! so glad steve and the kids are okay! so excited to see your hair! so desirous of the rachael ray gossip! please reveal.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry about your camera issues. Bummer.

I really want to see your hair!

lindie said...

I heard from someone who heard from someone that Rachael Ray is a serious B@#%^ and terrible to her employees!! That made me really sad because I really likED her. Am I on the right path. Hopefully my sources are wrong!!!

wendy said...

I always want to live there, too James.

SOOO sad about the camera. :-(

And I so want to hear about RR. I won't tell anyone else, promise.

(Photos of the hair please!)

wendy said...

PS. Love the pics and if I had the money (or any money at all), I'd be your photog sponsor. But alas, we'll both just have to dream about it.

(When is M's bday party?)

Miss MyKelle J said...

I love all your pictures. You know everytime I drive to Utah from Az I so badly want to stop and take pictures of all the old motels.

p.s. I would break up with sundance after all of that... lol

Natalie said...

Abby, I must know about Rachel Ray. I do indeed love your photos. And that place is called Lydia's canyon I believe because it makes me think of my Great Grandma Lydia when ever we drive by it and as a result of thinking of her I want to live there as well. We could all be neighbors! (I could be wrong about the Lydia's Canyon thing. I'll check next time I drive to Utah.)

Anne said...

Thanks for your nice nice comment on my blog today. Of course I had to check you out as well and I have to say, I'm kind of in love with your blog already. I especially love your photos, they're quite lovely. My one complaint is that the color pictures I take with my holga don't come out nearly as lovely as yours. What's your secret? Do you use a particular type of film? Does your holga have a flash or is it the original one? Are you magic?