Monday, January 05, 2009

brithday interview

milo, today is your birthday! did you know that?

{unintelligible noises}

what do you want to do?

um, i want...a helicopter! yes, i want a toy helicopter.

do you want to do anything fun?


what do you want to do that's fun?

i want to do baseball and helicopter.

anything else? milo, stop watching barney and talk to me.

i'm watching! i'm trying!

do you want to blow out candles?

yes! and allison will come to my party.

how old are you today?


no, how old are you? milo, stop watching barney.



i'm three years old!

thank you. i love you. stop watching barney.

i need to go close the oven.


Anonymous said...

That boy is so funny! Happy 3rd Birthday, Milo. I love you. Nana

Miss MyKelle J said...

ha ha so cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Milo!!!

d and family

carly said...

haha that is too cute. happy birthday Milo!

Amy said...

Dang it- last night I thought- don't forget to call Milo. Dang it. I forgot. I will call him tomorrow and really confuse him :) Happy Birthday Milo- cute boy!

wendy said...

Happy Birthday Milo--you cutie pie!

brooke and tyler said...

happy birthday milo. is there ever a dull moment in your home?

Tiffany said...

ha ha! He is so funny! That's cool that he got a fire truck like the one we got, and that they have the exact same birthday!