Monday, December 31, 2007

2007, it was a very good year.

I liked Liz's year recap. Here's ours:

JanuaryMilo turned 1.

FebruaryMilo told everyone he was to be a bro and a blogging addiction was born.

MarchAbby turned 23 and felt rather old.

AprilJamie graduated with his Bachelors in History and promptly decided he wanted to be a doctor.

MayAbby’s hair turned orange.

JuneWe holidayed in Rocky Point, Mexico.

JulyWe fell in love with Pearl Grace.

AugustAbby was sick as a dog and lost her gall bladder, an organ she had never thought about before.

SeptemberWe adjusted to life living with the in-laws.

OctoberJamie got an 8-5 job and Abby missed him terribly.

NovemberMilo became obsessed with candy and Pearl laughed.

DecemberWe moved back to Orem, to our turquoise palace.

The Sharps on the last day of 2007. The last day of the year always stresses me out. I feel like I've got to do something HUGE because it will NEVER be that year again. So silly. We are excited to begin a fresh year and totally break some resolutions. Here's to 2008!


Val and Dan said...


You had your gall bladder out?!? I had no idea! How was it?

PS what's the latest with J and med school?

Anonymous said...

Loverly! Recaps are such fun to read. I miss you all. AG

Neil and Diana said...

You feel old at 23???? I am unable to process this statement.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Abby!
Wow you are young!!
What a great way to look back at the year.
Where did my favourite music go??

aspecialfamily (blog is down right now will go up again, I think!)

Anonymous said...

That's funny, Diana. AG

wendy said...

I am 10 years older than you Abby!

It was a good year (besides the gall bladder) for the Sharps.

Abby said...

Ok, so I am well aware 23 is really quite young, but in my existence (23 years of it) it feels old. I am further and further from the teen years. I am halfway to 46 people!!! Maybe I am having my quarter-life crisis.

Kate, I miss your blog. Hope it will be back. Hope you are doing well. (Also, was getting bored of my playlist. I'll try to add good stuff.)

Sarah said...

Abby you are so very close to the teanage years. Don't worry a second about 23.

Abby said...

I'm not worried. Just feel a little bit old, that's all. It's like, I'm 23 and I ONLY have TWO kids! Sheesh! I better get cracking!

Abby said...

Val- Condensed gall bladder story:

Pearl is born and suddenly food makes my chest feel like it is going to explode. Actually, more like implode. I do not eat for two weeks. Go to the ER and they figure it out. Bye bye gall bladder. I feel better. The End.

janelle said...

Don't think I am a stalker, but I want to add your blog to my blogspot because I think it is ADORABLE! Good work! Be prepared for questions of how you do some of the things you do! #1 How do you get the music??

Meghan said...

Love the pic - you guys are awesome. I think you should make my playlist. Is it bad that I fast forward through all of the songs that remind me of my past? Ha. In my mind I'm still 20 - I am RIGHT? Ha again..

Abby said...

Janelle- Jill's sister!!! Any Baugh is welcome here. Now I'm going to stalk your blog.

Meghan- First of all, you LOOK 20, and that is what matters. Second of all, your playlist is awesome

Emily said...

Watch out for 24, Ab. It's a bear. I have some of your stuff from mom's house. Can I bring it by tomorrow noonish?

Abby said...

Oh. For Janelle- Click on Get Music Tracks under my playlist and it will take you to the website and you can set up an account. Really easy.

Abby said...

Em- yep.

Angela said...

New songs! I got the One Republic CD for christmas. Very good.