Thursday, January 03, 2008


scriptures every day
make bed every day
take a class
start learning a language
exercise (i won't quantify, because i can only increase if you know what i mean)
get dressed and wear makeup every day (as i type I realize how sad that sounds, but it is nevertheless a real goal)
be more patient with Milo
make everything in my life beautiful
nurse Pearl until she turns 1
sit up straighter
listen more

What are your resolutions?


Anonymous said...

Nice goals, Abby!
Some of mine are:
ride the dusty bike in the garage
read more scriptures and more books
get rid of the 50% of clothes I don't wear
call my mother every day
pay bills online

Abby said...

Those are good ones, Mom. I think I'm going to steal the 50% of clothes one.