Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Great Easter Egg Hunt of '07

Milo had a ball.

Discussing the game plan with Dad.

And he's off!


Risking life and limb for the sweet stuff.

Comparing loot with his cousins.

Milo's proud family. (Note: We're smiling because we know we get to eat his candy.)


amye said...

That is so sweet! I'm glad I got to watch Milo enjoy his loot after he got home. I miss him very much. Thank you for the most enjoyable week.

Neil and Diana said...

That looks like such a nice day! My favorite is the "risking life and limb" photo. Awesome.

Emily said...

You're a good photog. Milo is a babe.

sarah said...

you're looking oh so cute and petite as a pregnant woman. That's just not fair.

Neil and Diana said...

By the way. Why don't you have an Amazon wish list?

Abby said...

Ummmmm, dunno. Should I?

Sarah- Not fair? I don't exactly remember you being a beast when you were pregnant.

Wow, as I was writing this Milo just projectile vomited everywhere. He's okay now, though.

Neil and Diana said...

Yes, please make one right now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the lil' guy is growing up so fast! He looks like a little boy! Crazy!!