Thursday, March 29, 2007

The name game

It's time to talk names.

I can- and have- talked about this topic for hours. I have very strong opinions on what I like, although I know many people think my favorite names are a little quirky.
For this reason, the hypothetical name conversations are okay, but when it comes to people asking me, "So, what are you going to name her?"- well, I get shy. I'm sensitive. And people are usually pretty blunt.

When I read about people who have shunned societal norms and named their child Cash or Clementine, I think "Good for you! Go get 'em."

And I am jealous.

I adore the name Scout- as in Jem and Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird. Will I ever use it? Probably not. Too many rolled eyes from old people and smirks from kids.

So here is my plea- give the different names a chance!!!
And one day my hypothetical little Scout can toddle around proudly.
Until then, here are some names I like. Your job is to decipher them. Not hard. But don't tell me if you hate them. (Suggestions are welcome, though.)

Thank you.


sarah said...

I like them all, although I'm pretty sure I got "Root" and "Bean" wrong. Those would be cute and unique if that was your intent. Probably not though. Give me a hint.

Kim said...

I read once in a while from Wendy's blog (which won't let me comment). I think Milo is adorable.

Why not go with "Scout"? "Milo" is not the norm or popular or whatever. I think Milo & Scout sound good together.

Okay. I got them, I think:
Sailor (okay. I just made that up. I thought lima beans-beans-navy beans-sailor and it was cute, so I added it)

If those are right, I like Pearl and Ruby (but Ruby is slowly become a celeb fave), Ailish is pretty but people will mispronounce it all the time!

Thanks for letting me clg up your comments.

Kim said...

Oh,duh. OLIVE!!

hat is so cute! And it sounds great with Milo!

Kim said...

Post #5012

Wait. is that Iris? That's pretty. I do have one more suggestion -- don't name her Elsie.

I'm going to stop now. Really.

Abby said...

Sarah- Bean Sharp is almost as good as Twilight Sharp. Your suggestions are golden! Wait, Golden Sharp...

Kim- You are so cute! And you almost got them all right. I'm not familiar with Ailish. What is that? The eye is for Hazel, which is a family name. I don't think I'd use Elsie, but what do you have against it, pray tell?

wendy said...

SCOUT Sharp! That is my vote. I *LOVE* the name Scout!

All of your names are cute, and even though I knew about Hazel, I thought it was 'Iris', too. :-) Which is a cute name, as well.

I like Scout, Ginger, and Hazel. Tim really seems to like Olive.

By the way, I got your email--you are SO welcome. And you DO deserve it!

sarah said...

I thought it was Iris too. I just showed this to Mark, and we are laughing..we are in love with Hazel too (also a family name for us). Owen might have been Hazel if he wasn't a he.

sarah said...

but if we have another, and you haven't snatched it up....

debi said...

I like them all. But Ruby is a little trendy these days. (I still like it though.) I think Hazel is my favorite. It's timeless while unique as well.

I thought James swore he'd name his daughter Seven??? :)

Kim said...

Okay, "Ailish" is Irish/Gaelic. I know three people with that name. A little girl in my ward who pronounces it "Eye-leesh". A girl I graduated with who pronounced it "Aw-lease" and an elderly neighbor who pronounces it "Eye-lish".

My cousin named her 3rd daughter Elsie and, it's terrible, all I can think is "moo".

Neil and Diana said...

Hi. I commented yesterday but it didn't go through? Anyway, I like Hazel. And also: Beatrice, Posy, Sigrid and Violet. I think there was one more but I forget.

Jarret said...

I didn't take the time to solve the puzzles - the clues are cool and I'd rather be surprised.

Name your kiddo whatever you's an interesting way to go about naming.

My folks chose my name - it's terribly unique and it took me a long time to understand what comes with a unique name, even longer to appreciate it.

I like my name now - I've only met one person with the same name/spelling.

Anonymous said...

Here's my input. I think people were skeptical about the name Milo...and it so fits him! I LOVE the name Milo now and it's so fitting for him.

I thought it was bean too, so I'll need some help. Love the name Ginger...way way way cute.

You can totally name her anything and I think it'll totally fit her.

I hope this makes sense, but you have a certain style about you that you can pull off naming her something different.

Go for it girl!