Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Milo won't give me a shot of it, but he has major grandpa pants tonight + Nana would be proud (+ that's sadly the most exciting thing about our day)

On that note...
We miss you Nana! Come back to Utah soon!


Emily said...

Hold the phone! Is that why Norah always has Grandma pants after Nana holds her? It's because Nana likes it that way?!

Emily said...

Me, just now, to Elliot and Aaron, showing them these pictures: Who's this child?
Elliot and Aaron, in unison: Owen. Jinx. You owe me a soda.

Abby said...

Nana looooooves the grandma/grandpa pants? Are you on your fourth child and just discovering this?!

Aaron: Owen! Owen, come here!
Abby: Actually, that's Milo, Aaron.
Aaron: Oh yeah. Owen! How are you Owen? Oh Owse!

amye said...

I plead innocent in any involvement of grandma-pantsing! If there is anything at all to this story, it is that I might be guilty, on occasion, of arranging the pants so there is no BC. My life is filled with dozens of glimpses daily of BC on boys and girls. In rehearsals every day, some kids can't dance across the stage without yanking or holding up their pants to avoid exposing their hineys. There is only one direction pants waists can go, and that is higher, and I hope it happens soon.
Love the pictures of Milo!

sarah said...

First of all, Nana ALWAYS pulls the pants up to the armpits when possible. It's sort of a grandma-thing to do, as I have seen others do it too. Don't stop Nana. And emily, I truly cannot believe that you have not noticed this phenomenon before.

Isaac always calls Owen Milo. It's all very confusing.