Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tres bon

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Neil bought me this movie a few years ago. It is charming and romantic and heartbreaking. And every word is sung. This might scare many people away, but it shouldn't. It's not Broadway show-stopping musical numbers, just words put to lovely music.

Recently remastered in breathtaking color.
Made by the renowned Jacques Demy.
French with subtitles.

This film makes me wish I owned an umbrella shop.

Oh, and I also wish I looked like Catherine Deneuve.


Anonymous said...

I want to watch this movie with you. You have to remind me though cuz I'm a koo koo face. I really want to watch it.


Anonymous said...

i love this movie!! it was one of the ones we had to watch in my cinema class, and i was plesantly suprised and how good it was. bit cheesey but in the good way :-D


ps- sorry now that i've figure out how to post i'm going back and making the comments i had wanted to earlier.....