Friday, April 25, 2014

just a million photos of Mount Rushmore from every angle is all


I turned 30 in March. I wanted to start my new decade in another state, somewhere I'd never been. Mt. Rushmore! It was off-season and coooold and we got in a minor car accident and ew I was turning 30, but otherwise it was a fantastic trip. We stayed in Keystone, the town right next to it, but enjoyed exploring Rapid City and its Target as well. Some people you talk to say Rushmore is kind of a disappointment but we couldn't have felt more differently! It was such a thrill! Similar for me to seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time. Like, this thing really does exist! Whoa!!

 Driving up to it for the first time.

 ^ Not a lot of people, as you can see. That was cool. In the summer they get up to 15,000 people a day. We saw maybe 100.

You can only vaguely tell in this photo, but every snowflake was so perfectly snowflakey! They were gorgeous! Like the pictures of snowflakes you see magnified in a microscope. Frozen fractals all arouuund.

 The finger just makes it better, I think.

 We unexpectedly drove through Nebraska for awhile on our way home. An extra state under our belts. It was so flat. So desolate. I loved it.


hanner said...

but i've never seen a picture of mount rushmore with snow on it! so that's cool.

hanner said...
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amyegodfrey said...

Hallelujah! A new post! And I love all the photos, especially the family ones and the snowy ones. That's all of them.

Sarah said...

Wow! What a great trip! I never would have thought to go there for my birthday, but I love that you did. Love the snow photos and the melting snow dripping down George's face. This is an impressive monument! I totally get the, "Wow this does exist" feeling. I'm adding it to my list.

merideth said...

yay for blogging! crossing my fingers i will do it too. and i felt the same way when we went… i think i down played it in my mind, so when i saw it i was blown away!

teamcowan said...

So about 10 minutes ago (12:50am) I totally thought, "huh. I think I'd like to look up pictures of Mt. Rushmore.... nah. it's the middle of the night... I don't need to do that right now..." Then I saw that you had written a post, and here we are. Destiny.
I love that you went there for your birthday. I'd love to see it in person. I think my megalophobia would be through the roof and I might pee my pants. Cheap thrills for this girl.
Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures. And yes, the finger makes all the difference.

Melissa Jones said...

I loved going to Mt. Rushmore, too! I almost cried. Kurtis looked at me and was like what's wrong with you? I was like, "I'm here. I'm actually here." I don't get out much. ;)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love being in my 30s. The only weird thing is when I have to kiss boys ten years younger than me. Seriously. The guy in this play I am in right now is 22! He's my fake husband and he's really nice. He said he thought I was 25. I think I snorted in response. These pictures are great and you'll have such amazing memories! :D

Wendy said...

What a great way to celebrate 30. You look FABULOUS, by the way, but then again, you always have. I loved all of the photos and your comments and now I too can believe Mt. Rushmore exists because you guys have been there. ;-) I miss you guys a lot.