Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Our 70 degree Christmas

I'm on an Instagram "fast" this month in the hopes of getting things done instead of having the idea to do something and then checking Instagram "real quick" before I start and then two hours later it's time to pick the kids up! That kind of thing. One thing I wanted to get done was blogging! It's so hard though! But I'm trying!

We just got back from a lovely Christmas in Arizona. When do I get to move back to Arizona? I would miss Utah. But right now I'm in Utah and I really really miss Arizona. I've never lived in California but I miss there too.

We got a potted tree this year. Hoping to plant it in the side yard. 

Our packed up car. I doubted everything would fit (taking other people's packages too; we're not as rich as I would like you to think) but Jamie and his genius skills proved me wrong. I posted this on Instagram and everyone congratulated me on my packing skills and I didn't correct them.

 Leslie and Pearl. An unstoppable duo.

Putting out the vibe.

Golden cried and cried and cried this trip. (I love you, Golden. You crybaby.) Love this picture of my momma.

I love these pictures. And these boys.

 Taken on Christmas Day. (!!!)

Uncle Neil got a cat shirt from us. Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Blurry Mexican food dinner in Mesa with mom and sisters, care of Stephen Craig, Esq.

Lots of hiking of Thunderbird.

 Reading in Papa's fancy chair.

Sparklers and Nerts on New Year's.

And the long drive home. No one peeing in that last picture, promise.

And lots of cousin time which I somehow didn't get many pictures of. But always the best part of an Arizona trip. Also no picture of brunch with my favorite celebrities Angela and Carolyn. (And almost Liz! Almost!)

Good food of note, old and new favorites: Farmhouse, Parlor, La Grande Orange, Snooze, Pedro's, Sauce, and Sardella's (always and forever).

Until next time, AZ!


kate said...

I want to blog too but I forgot how. I love desert Christmases. And I didn't realize you had short hairagain, looks great as always. Keep it up!

Chelsea said...

Oh goodie, you're here now. Honestly Arizona does look quite dreamy, which I've never thought before. Maybe it's the -20 Indiana temps talking, but I'm going with it. Glad you had a merry Christmas, and glad you're somewhere on the web so I can read your funny dry commentary & see that adorable family.

Jo said...

I don't know how or when I stumbled upon your blog but I've been following for awhile now and love it!

amyegodfrey said...

Yay!!! Finally a post! And so fun to see all the great photos. Miss you.

hanner said...

i saved this in my feedly just so i could comment when i finally got to a computer. now i'm not exactly sure why it was so important for me to wait because now i don't remember what i was going to say. probably that i miss blogging, and also your christmas looks fun. and we also went to la grande orange over the break and it was very taste. also thank goodness for the cat shirt.

Michele said...

What a great Christmas! I love it when you blog. :-)

kate said...

Yay for blogging. This year we'll take it back from the fashion bloggers, right?

Sad to have missed you my dear.

Natalie said...

happy to see a blog post from you! and sad that I didn't get to see you while you were here. the holidays nearly kicked my britches this year. nearly. when you come again, i'm sure that i'll be pulled together enough to reply to an email and set up some abby time. love you. always and forever. always and forever.

abby said...


I meant to ask you where you would be in the valley and then forgot! Does your husband's family live there? Next time we're both there, a meetup is in order.

abby said...

Kate L- I should have included you in the "almost!" category too. Liz tried to meet up with us but went to the wrong restaurant. You were missed! Next time we WILL see each other. Or else.

abby said...

Kate J- you're the so nice, thanks. Blog more, please!

Chelsea- you leave the sweetest comments, thanks. -20 is such a far cry from the Caribbean! Ah!

Natalie- I hope the holidays kicked your britches because they were so busy and happy and family-filled. Next time! xo!!

Anonymous said...

Yo. It was an epic night with you and the other ladies. Missing you and that Pearl! Keep it real! -Les