Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Recap post. Wa waa.

I thought I'd cover some things from last fall/winter that went unblogged.

   Trick or treating. These pictures kill me. Poor Harry Potter threw up at school right before his class party but was feeling better by evening. He read The Sorcerer's Stone all by himself last year so the costume was extra cool for him.

This picture was taken on Halloween and I remember thinking I looked huge and now I think I looked awesome. Ah, postpartum.
We went searching for some nearby ghost towns one day and didn't have much success but had lots of fun anyway and ate at that haunted scone restaurant in Santaquin which was really creepy.

We had a kitty. For a time. (Insert gritted teeth emoji.)

Our yard set records for leaf fall.

Drove to Arizona for Thanksgiving.

I just thought this was cute.

 Snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow.

 Pearl and Norah had the best kindergarten teacher ever and they got in the Cookie Club, which means they know how to read and got a huge cookie. Mostly, I just wanted to post this picture because it makes me laugh.

 Goofy kids.

Lots of great sunsets but I caught this one on camera.

 And lots of school and homework and field trips.

That was fun. Blogging helps me remember I have a pretty great life. Long live blogs.


Melissa Jones said...

I love Halloween! What great costumes, and that sunset? Gorgeous. I love all these pictures. Thank you for sharing them with me. :)

kate said...

You have great kids

Chelsea said...

Definitely LONG LIVE BLOGS. Especially yours.

Tippetts said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.

merideth said...

i need to do a very similar post... to recap at least the past six months.

those halloween pics are awesome. they look darling.
and i agree. blogging makes me grateful too.

kristen said...

i love the pictures you take. AND... pearl looks sooooo much like you, abby.

Natalie said...

Dear Abby- Pearl kills me. kills me! I loved the recap. your talents are beautiful and endless. long live blogs, indeed. Will you update mine for me for the last, oh, 2 years...? much love to you! p.s. did i tell you that crue was a scary mummy as well!? They'd have so much fun together. or hate each other but i think they'd have fun.

Bethany said...

Abby, you're an awesome photographer. I'm very impressed with Milo's reading skills! Your kids are all so adorable. I hope you're enjoying that precious new Golden. Love to see more pics of him!

Michele said...

I love it. Great pictures and looks like great memories. :-) Sorry I am just getting around to catching up & checking your blog. Happy new baby! Getting any sleep yet?;-)

robin said...

when i meet you in the future i will hug you so hard. also, your kids. they will be scared. and if jamie doesn't mind, i'll hug him too.

David G. Filhart (a.k.a. the Davey Baby) said...

Man we miss you guys!! We were hanging with the Allred's last weekend and me and Becky were thinking how cool it would be if you guys were there too!! Hope our paths will cross again someday!! Our kids are like a week apart (Golden and Isobel)
stay cool,
the Filhart's