Thursday, July 07, 2011

the real blogher

in june i met up with some of my BBFFs (best blogger friends forever) for a weekend in SLC. every time i meet a blog person in real life the same thing comes out of my mouth: "i feel like i'm meeting a celebrity!" which is dorky but true!

the girls were: kate, angela, carla, kera, and shalynna (who doesn't have a public blog but if she did you would be obsessed), and me. i didn't take very many pictures. and a few girls were sorely missed.

 picture from angela.

we did what any self-respecting bloggers would do, which is to stop by the farmer's market and then head straight to anthropologie, and then finish off the day with a woody allen movie set in paris. sadly, no cupcakes.

the moment that best describes the weekend was when we were eating at settebello and talking and laughing and a man turned from the table next to us and said, "i want to be at your table. you girls are fun!" and we are fun. fun fun fun fun

(that was the other high point of the weekend, in my opinion. when the uninitiated were introduced to rebecca black.)


communikate. said...

we are

i tried to explain that great moment in of that song to graham. he didn't get it.

i'm so glad that we did this! it's amazing how natural it felt, and like i've said before, it really felt like i was just hanging out with old pals.

i'm all for doing a repeat in the future and inviting along so more friends as well!

communikate. said...

oh, and i'm going to be that girl that says she hates how she looks in all these pictures.


that just happened.

abby said...

I thnk you look gorgeous!

angela hardison said...

pretty sure i have a short little video of you singing & dancing in the car to that song... and i might never forgive you for introducing me to that disaster. just kidding. we all know it's awesome.

Sarah said...

sounds like a fun weekend. wish i could be cool like abby.

Emz said...

what an awesome post.

The pictures are beautiful.

David and Shalynna said...

I love the paragraph about doing what any self-respecting bloggers would do. You are funny. No cupcakes. Haha.

I still think about that weekend. I think I'll need something like that at least every two years.

Sorry, everyone, that I didn't get that into the song in the car. I could claim that it's because I had never heard the song before, but the truth is my heart started racing and I felt like I was at a dance party all over again. Dancing for me equals anxiety. Even if it's in a car!

I'll blog about this wonderful weekend in the future and I'm going to use all of yours and everyone else's photos. And I am not going to give you credit! :)

cara. said...

oh, hmm. must have missed my invite.


(way jealous)

rubi said...

i like that a couple of you wore stripes too. blogalicious.

carla thorup said...


HOW did we forget?

true bloggers indeed... in the front seat :)

Jenn Kirk said...

You all look so cool. And wha?? No cupcakes? Or pics of macarons? ;)

Michele said...

I'm kind of wishing I was young and beautiful. ;) I am going to have to find that wall with The Walrus Has Paul next time I'm in Utah. Where is it?

robin said...

i thought i was done hearing about this.

j/k...j/k. i LOVE hearing about it.

oh and i just had the weirdest dream with you in it. (is this getting weird, knowing that i've dreamt about you twice now?) okay, so we were trying to coordinate our schedules so we could go to the ymca together to do yoga and pilates. you were all about 8:30 in the morning. and while we were discussing our schedules in the parking lot, a big black bird flew off with sawyer's green flip flop in its beak.

the end.

Natalie said...

sounds delightful and rejuvenating. you all look radiant and modelesque. so a couple of things... the picture below of pearl is amazing. really so beautiful abby. i've spent quite a bit of time thinking about the video you made of your little milo and how i want to do that with my kids. wish i wasn't incapable and i would. next, the video emily posted is the best thing ever. you are so talented and creative beyond measure. that wraps it up for now.
love to you abby grace!

teamBoo said...

this hurts my heart a little.

kelly said...

pretty pretty girls. i wish i could have been there to wear my striped shirt/skinny jeans combo too. i vote new york next time! yes?