Thursday, July 21, 2011

goggle woggles

jamie checks my blog every night and says, "BO-RING!" i guess i should post more often.

i went with the kids to arizona and did various and sundry fun things and saw beloved cousins and had chicken and waffles that blew my mind and swam a few times. really is there anything better than a kid in goggles? (or goggle woggles, as milo calls them.)

on a side note, every time i see my niece molly i want to steal her outfit. she's 13. she's got a really stylish mom. still, do teenagers not go through awkward phases anymore? i swear i'm still working through mine.


amyegodfrey said...

Whew! I needed a new post, too. Love the goggle woggle kids! Molly is ready for the runway, all right!
I miss you.

robin said...

i am convinced that teenagers do. not go through awkward phases anymore. i blame facebook/google/blogs... basically the internet. i mean, just imagine how stylish WE could have been if we had had the influence of other things besides mervyns and eddie bauer.

abby said...

I LOVED mervyns! Haha!

communikate. said...

Mervyns was the it place in elementary school! I was SUPER awkard as a tween. Freak. I'm still awkward.

I had a few girls in YW that were supa models and then a few weirdy unicorn-lovin-brace-faced- girls with zero style. Guess which ones were my fave?

And your goggle babes are awesome! Will I get to meet them if/when you come through our hood?

David and Shalynna said...

Mervyns? HAHAHAHAHA. One time I told my mom that I wanted these black shoes that my friend Ashley Wheelocks had and she said they were only $5. I told my mom they were from Fred Myers and my dad they were from Nordstrom and they both took me to those places and we couldn't find them. I then realized they were from Mervyns. Is that a boring story?

Molly is the cutest thirteen year old in history. I want to share clothing with her.

And now that I know your mom in real life seeing pictures of her makes me love her even more. I loved our little chat over 4th of July weekend. You have such a darling family.

amyegodfrey said...

Shalynna, how sweet! I loved chatting with you, too. I'm so glad you're Abby's friend.

Bethany said...

Love the goggle pictures. I cannot believe how old Molly is. I remember her and Grace in nursery:) Looks like I missed seeing you again when you're in AZ. You'll have to let me know one of these times:)

Kent and Kate said...

Seriously! My ballet students all look like little models and dress like it too. I went through some serious awkwardness.

you never went through an awkward phase either.

oh and isn't Molly still little? Time goes by fast. I still can't watch Monsters Inc. and not think of her when I see "Boo".

Sarah said...

molly loved reading this post and all the comments. thanks ab!

angela hardison said...

your niece is so beautiful, and i love her outfit too.

i'm still working through my awkward phase as well.

oh and clint loves those chicken and waffles. i still haven't been.

Michele said...

Love the goggles. :) Your niece is very cute and stylish. I think i could do a whole blog post on the awkward or lack of awkward phase of teens today seeing as I have one and have been thinking about it. Summary of my thoughts is yes it's awkward no it isn't and as a parent it's easier to see the simple beauty without tons of make-up of the 12, 13, 14 year old. It makes me wonder if the awkwardness is more of an inner feeling. Some kids just seem to be lucky with inner self confidence and a nice wardrobe to top it off. Lucky. that was never me. Still looking awkward, even with the internet- you read my shopping post. ;-) I never would've guessed you as having an awkward side. You always look great and are one of those people with a sweet and sophisticated, yet easy going and fun disposition- the type of person every woman wants to be.