Thursday, June 30, 2011

shake rattle and roll

now that we're almost into july it's time to talk about may, naturally. two cute little girls had a dance recital and were darling and got to wear makeup, REAL makeup and "mom, i look so beautiful. i look like a princess." her brother recalls of the event, "she looked like a dolphin!" because, to clarify, "dolphins are so beautiful with makeup on."

then, my little slugger graduated from preschool with all the pomp and circumstance that i love. one of the (high school student) teachers expressed to me sincerely, "he's a handful but he's great if you can just get him to focus!" which is what i say everyday through my tears. just kidding but no i'm serious.

we do occasionally brush pearl's hair.


communikate. said...

yes, dolphins are beautiful with makeup on! smart kid.

now on to june! i want to see pics from our weekend through the eyes of abby. can i at least expect them by september? :)

oh, and in regards to your question about rafting. yes, it's scary and it's awesome. all at once. you should've gone last year lady! i could've sent you down the river for free in jackson. should coulda woulda. maybe portland?!

David and Shalynna said...

I came to your blog to read the list of movies and series below and was pleasantly surprised with a new post!

Dance recitals and tights and uncombed hair are all reasons that I hope to have a girl someday. Preferably one with Pearl's personality and looks.

Milo is such a good kid. I see him in a cap and gown just like that at the Marriott Center someday. :)

And by the way, from not knowing anything about where Pearl and Nora take dance lessons I love them already because they choose poodle skirts for dance recital costumes instead of black sparkly tutus and bustiers.

whimsy said...

Oh dear. They are to die for!! I love their descriptions! Hilarious.

sarah marie. said...

i love those dancing feet pictures. and i seriously rolled at what you had to say about the graduation.

Lissybug said...

What a great month May was! Congrats to Milo, and to pretty Pearl! They grow up so fast! :')

Ashley Seil Smith said...

Looooovvveee and laugh.

Michele said...

What beautiful pictures! You are so good at capturing the moment. I can laugh and cry with you. Oh the things... from all 4 of mine. I had a primary teacher once say to me, trying to praise me, really, "Oh, Michele, you are an amazing woman. You have him everyday." She really was trying to be nice so I had to take it for what it was, but...laugh and cry; it is what i love about little boys. We occasionally hang the jolly roger outside the house and I am tired at the end of every day.

angela hardison said...

i so look forward to a little daughter who dances and a son who teases. i can tell you're a really great mom, abby.

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