Monday, June 27, 2011

nerd alert

i've been thinking about my favorite movies + series. most of them are BBC period pieces. i'm going to share my list of good ones from the BBC and then maybe you will tell me which ones i'm missing out on. deal?

emma - way better than gwynnie's version! you can watch it on youtube. and they remade all of jane austen's other novels too. i think i remember liking them all.

little dorrit - this is such a sweet love story but it's also dickens so there's some creeeepy people.

cranford - judi dench and imelda staunton and all my favorite old ladies.

lark rise to candleford - jamie and i spent this winter watching an episode every night. there are 4 seasons. oh my heart, i loved this show. i feel like the world is really messed up when "two and a half men" is the number one show and no one has even heard of lark rise. you can watch this on youtube also.

bleak house - this is so strange -"shake me up, judy!"- but so good. it's dickens. i like when the girl all the guys fall in love with is sort of plain. you can watch this on netflix instant play. (we're rich now and have netflix.)

north & south - maybe the best movie kiss ever? oh and the hottest dude ever. ouch, mr. thornton, you are burning me you're so hot. you can watch this on netflix instant play or youtube.

jane eyre - i loved the most recent version. this one is a few years old but really really good! you can watch it on youtube.

wives & daughters - oh, this is so sweet. in my top five. some unrequited love and nasty characters and the sweetest heroine. it's on instant play and youtube.

downton abbey - we loved this! it's coming back next year! it's on netflix instant play. watch these videos if you've seen the series. you'll pee your pants.

we watched an episode of the new upstairs, downstairs and i wasn't hooked but i'll watch the rest if i can find it. 

i know i'm missing out on a bunch of good ones. tell me!


my mudda' calls me jack said...

I haven't watched larkrise yet, but it is on the list....

Auntie Ann said...

Oh you must watch the forsyte can get it on Netflix. It's a delight!

jill said...

We just watched Little Dorrit a couple weeks ago at your recommendation and I really loved it. I read the book too and loved it. I didn't know I could love Dickens. We just watched Bleak House too. Not as good as Little Dorrit, but pretty good. I have "Our Mutual Friend" from the library right now, but we haven't watched it yet.

sarah marie. said...

you may laugh because my favorite series are not as umm proper i guess as yours but they're still the bomb. alias, felicity, arrested development. so good.

elizabeth said...

Every single one of these is on my favorites list too. I want to be friends. It has been surprisingly difficult to find someone who enjoys these kinds of movies that I can watch with and swoon over Captain Wentworth or Arthur Clennam (and can we not forget about Gilbert Blythe?). I certainly can't watch them with my husband! I don't have one of those guys.

whitney // eat sleep cuddle. said...

my husband and i are secretly obsessed with period pieces for some reason! and one of our favorites is Bright Star (instant play on netflix, i think). :)

Michele said...

A whole list I'm going to have to add to my netflix queue! What fun. I haven't watched any of these... yet. :) Have you seen Ms. Marple? I love the idea of a brilliant knitting, grandmotherly crime sleuth. Another BBC classic I enjoy & is on netflix.

Jessa said...

Bleak House is one of my favorites. So good.
I {heart} your list. I love these shows too. Thanks for the list.
You're the bomb.

Tippetts said...

Thank you, Thank you! I was DYING when I watched that Downton Abby spoof! I'm so glad they are making a second season! I am watching Larkrise right now - you are lucky Jamie will watch it with you. I'm excited to watch some of the others on your list!

Sarah said...

I'm on season 2 of larkrise and i so love it. little dorrit was great too. thanks for the list.

robin said...

i just watched downton abbey because you mentioned it on your blog. i do whatever you tell me to do.

so i have a lot to catch up on! i know i would love ALL of these.

have you ever read any edith wharton? "the age of innocence" or "house of mirth"? you would love. "the age of innocence" is also a martin scorsese movie. have you seen it?

robin said...

ps, i love any blog post titled "nerd alert".

angela hardison said...

i recently watched downton abby and quietly loved it. these videos are hilarious.

and as of last night, i'm watching north & south on netflix.

thanks for the recommendations.

Kelly P. said...

Oh North and South has me swooning (and crying)every time...Mr. Thorton! Ooh and keep watching the new Upstairs Downstairs it gets good! ;)

kelly said...

those are really funny. i love lark rise and downton abbey. bbc television is the best. dramas and comedy- yes please!

Jessica said...

You have GOT to watch "The Buccaneers" on Netflix instant play. It's based on an Edith Wharton novel.

SO SO good!

I also like "Firelight" but that is rated R. My all time favorite version of Wuthering Heights is the one with Ralph Fiennes.

Emily Wright said...

I have loved your recent posts - so glad you're back! You should see Bright Star, it is wonderful. Thanks for the list of great shows, I haven't seen some of them.

Anonymous said...

Netflix Must See:
The Vicar of Dibley
Daniel Deronda
He Knew He Was Right

Masterpiece Classic Must See:
Northanger Abbey
Mansfield Park

Anonymous said...

I forgot Robin Hood BBC Series on Netflix, you will be hooked instantly.