Friday, November 07, 2008

holy holgas batman

so you might remember my friend, holga. she was great but then i traded her in for her more popular friend, holga with color flash. when my new holga arrived at my doorstep, i immediately popped in some film and took 12 random pictures, rushed the film to the store, and eagerly awaited what were sure to be masterpieces. everyone made it look so easy. it couldn't be that hard.

well, maybe some tears were shed when my pictures were viewed, and not because they were beautifully moving. they were AWFUL. double-exposed. blurry. bad lighting. so-ugly-that-they-were-almost-artistic-but-not-quite. plus, did you know how much it costs to develop twelve exposures of 120 film? a lot more than i was expecting. so i was crying because they were awful and i was never going to be able to afford practicing and getting better.

in san francisco i still managed to take a roll-and-a-half of film, not expecting much. i tried to be a little more conscientious about each picture. and i just barely developed the film this week because it made me nervous to think about more embarrassingly awful pictures. well, some of them turned out ok. they are not amazing but they feel like masterpieces to me when i compare them to my previous roll. so maybe i will keep trying! and maybe all the amazing holga-ists can pop in here and tell me how they take such amazing pictures? i mean, you're not photoshopping them, right? at any rate, i think i'm going to have to start selling my plasma to afford this little hobby. (mom, if you are reading this, i didn't mean that.)

i think my dad will like this one.

near haight-ashbury.

me and my friend barry. (i hope he will be a good friend.)

the end.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Abby. You have interesting perspectives. AG

carly said...

i like the pictures! my pictures comes out dark half the you're way ahead of me.

Eliza said...

fab, abs!

wendy said...

Gorgeous. Really. You have an eye for photography Abby.

I hope Barry will be a good friend, too. I have a lot of hope for him.

Kent Kate & Afton said...

looks good!

shugee (ashley) said...

abby these are great! be proud!

TEH said...

Deep down you know they're beautiful. Admit it!

Sarah said...

very nice Ab!

my mudda' calls me jack said...

hmmmmmmmm.... what's a holga?

looks like you guys had a lot of fun in san fran!

p.s. you're stepping on your friend!!!