Saturday, July 19, 2008

idaho road trip

Abby: Oh, look at the train! I love trains. Let's take a train ride across Europe someday. I wish the Harry Potter train was real.

Jamie: Which would you rather live in: Lost or Harry Potter?

Abby: Are you even serious? Harry Potter.

Jamie: Okay, what about Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

Abby: Harry Potter! Lord of the Rings is so bleak. All of those Orcs! I want to be in Harry Potter and live all cozy with the Weasleys.

Jamie: Are you kidding me? Do they even believe in God in Harry Potter? That J.K. Rowling- she's so liberal. I would live in Lord of the Rings and I guess I'd have to marry Eowyn.

Abby: Well she has a son named Milo in real life, so that works.

Jamie: No, are you talking about Liz Tyler?

Abby: Liv Tyler.

Jamie: Yeah, she's Arwen.

Abby: Lord of the Rings names are dumb.


Bethany said...

Yah, that's pretty funny that he gets the random "Lord of the Rings" names right but not the normal, unoriginal names:)

I agree-- definitely Harry Potter. I'm not the hugest Lord of the Rings fan-- way too long and not interesting enough for me!

Kim said...


Well, of course they believe in God. At least, they celebrate Christmas. I know unbelievers in our world do, too. But I think that shows that someone somewhere in HP land believes in God. And, if you want to get all philosophical, Harry is this much loved person who is protected by love as he stands against pure evil and he even makes the ultimate sacrifice for everyone. Even his spell during the big duel ... I mean, he gave Voldemort all those chances and then could've easily used a killing curse, but he didn't.

Oh. My. Stars. I am a huge dork!

Abby said...

kim, you are so right! but you see, my husband hasn't read the books. he's only seen the movies. i know, i know.

by the way, you are not a dork. you are dang smart.

and bethany, that is very true. jamie is HORRIBLE with names unless he really wants to remember them. i.e. fantasy characters he will never meet.

Anonymous said...

It's all Greek to me. AG

Emily said...

Did you go on a road trip to Idaho?

Jarret said...

I stand squarely with Jamie. This will sound so ethereal but LOTR is way more possible than HP. That makes its livability much more likely. And Galadriel would make a more formidable choice.

In Abby's favor, I am told the Orient Express is a great trip - closer to home the Silverton packs a Wild West punch.

Abby said...

correction, mom, it's all ELVISH to you. elvish.

emily, this is a conversation we had on the way to zach's wedding.

jarret, what is the silverton? i am interested.

The Conrads said...

I'd be right there with you on the Hogwarts Express, Abby! All aboard! :) Did you see ever see the guy who was driving around the country in a big purple double decker called the Knight Bus? (Advertisement for the final book). It was pretty funny. I might have ridden it if the guy didn't give me the heebie jeebies. :)

Jarret said...


The Silverton, used to haul gold/silver ore from its namesake mine, makes a trip across the Rockies from Silverton Colorado and back, just over the hill from Paonia (when I say over the hill, its like 3 hours away and passes 10,000 feet). It is AMAZING country.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Those Orcs are terrifying. I had nightmares when I first saw the LOTR movies...

And then, of course, I saw Viggo Mortensen (King Aragorn....) and my nightmares vanished.... (sigh, swoon). :-)