Thursday, June 12, 2008


My downstairs neighbor Leslie tagged me. And since she tells sweet little lies like, "No, your kids aren't too loud!" and " No, I don't ever hear you yelling at them!" I think I owe it to her to follow through.

3 Joys.

Shaved ice. When Memorial Day rolls around and it is relatively warm and the little snow cone shacks all over town start popping up again, my heart goes pitter patter.

When my kids are finally asleep in bed and I can read a book.

Music. Alexi Murdoch and Andrew Bird and Bon Iver and The Innocence Mission make me happy. Old Dashboard, too. Also, hearing an old song that reminds me of something. For instance, Death Cab for Cutie's The Photo Album = Being engaged to Jamie. Incubus' Morning View = Rachel and high school. Weezer's Island in the Sun = living in Victoria Place sophomore year of college. I could go on forever with this. It's fun.

3 Fears.

Talking on the phone.

The dark.

Walking in the Hawaiian rain forest and coming across Ethan or Whispering Walt or Ben. Or that militant dude Mr. Widmore hired.

3 Obsessions.

My kids and huz.

Prolific on Facebook.

Traveling the world. I am obsessed with thinking about traveling the world, anyway.

3 Goals.

When I wake up in the morning, to be chipper and happy and want to cook a big breakfast instead of giving Milo a Pop Tart and laying on the couch in the fetal position.

Be more social.

Go to bed at 10:30 every night.

3 Surprising Facts about Me

I speak a very little Chinese. Ni ne? Hao le!

I would rather read a book than do just about anything.

I got this horrific short haircut in 8th grade, after which I sobbed and sobbed, after which someone from a distance thought I was a boy, and ever since I have been terrified of not looking like a girl.

Incidentally, I just got something of a boy haircut. I love it because it takes about two minutes to do in the morning. I guess my laziness trumps my boy-looking horror. This is honest-to-goodness the best shot I could get of it:

I'll try to take another picture with my best Michelle Williams look.

I am going to break with my non-tagging tradition and tag Amye, Sarah, and Rachael. Let the tag live on, girls.


MissKris said...

I am afraid of Ethan too. Sometimes I think about when he stopped Charlie and Claire in the jungle and the look that he had on his face.....shiver.

wendy said...

You look beautiful Abby! As always. ;-)

wendy said...

PS. I think it is impossible for YOU to look like a boy. You are super feminine.

Jill said...

Yes! So glad you did the Michelle Williams cut! It looks so good! I love it! See you next weekend!

Leslie said...

You are so funny! And I do NOT lie! I swear I've never heard you yell at your kids. I think they're well behaved enough to not need to be... :) I LOVE YOUR KIDS! I love that Milo always wears his cowboy boots and that Pearl gets so excited over water. :) and I love the fact that we live below you and you have kids so you lie to me in return saying that you don't hear my horrible version of my own American Idol while in the bathroom... :)

I was unaware of your "no tagging" rule, and have tagged you again... SORRY! I looked at your blog after I did it. :( It's easy though! I swear! :)

It's too bad that you don't like talking on the phone since you're the R. S. Pres now, eh? I do not envy you on that count. :) You'll be amazing though. Let me know if you ever need help with anything (so long as it doesn't involve calling people... cause I'm terrified of that too with people I don't really know.)!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the hair.


Sarah said...

Abby, cute cute hair! So beautiful on you! I want to see more pictures of this new do.

brooke & tyler said...

You have some of the funniest posts.
I totally understand about the reading after the kiddo(s) goes to bed and going to bed earlier.

Tiffany said...

I have a goal of waking up before my kids do someday...but who knows if it will ever happen. I need to go to bed earlier too! :) We want to have you guys over some time for a game night? Do you have some free time maybe next weekend or something? I think it's awesome that you're the new RS Pres. You'll do a great job!

Robyn said...

Abby, It was so good to see you and Emily at Cole's open house. You are BEAUTIFUL and missed in Arizona. Although, I do miss Utah in the Summer. We love your family... I guess it's a good thing that you and Cole never got together...After all, your Mom and I are cousins! Your kids are darling! What's this about being called to be Relief Society President? That will make limited time blogging. Good Luck!
Robyn Stoneman

The Garretts said...

i am very surprised you have a fear of talking on the phone. it's actually one of my fears! love the haircut. R U guys coming to AZ this summer? Kyle will be here, it would be awesome if we could all get together.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Abby, because my hair is super-curly, my mom kept it VERY short when I was a kid and people used to regularly mistake me for a boy... drove me CRAZY. Ever since I was old enough to choose my own hairstyle, I've had it long! So, I can relate to what you're saying (although I don't think either of us would every be mistaken for boys).

Also, I remember when my 2 kids were Milo and Pearl's age and I LOVED it when they were finally asleep and I could read. Sheer BLISS when they're unconscious! (I know that sounds awful... but mothers of young kids know how wonderful asleep children are! That's our Sanity Time!)

Last, I saw the sweet comment you left on Sheye's blog.... that was very touching. I cry almost every time I read her blog. It makes me hug my kids a bit tighter, and be more thankful for what I have.

Take care, and hope you guys have a great Fathers Day tomorrow! :-)

The Comeau Family said...

Yep, I look like a stalker, I know, but I accidentally found your blog. Yeah! I love that one of your fears is talking on the phone. Benjy is always making fun of me because I have recently become phone-phobic. Anyways, cute blog! I am totally going to bookmark it so I can keep stalking you guys :)

Eliza said...

Love the hair. Looks nothing like that 8th grade cut, which I remember.

Neil and Diana said...

what is tagging?