Sunday, June 01, 2008

sweet lies

Lies I've told my three-year-old lately (by Raul Gutierrez):

Trees talk to each other at night.

All fish are named either Lorna or Jack.

Before your eyeballs fall out from watching too much TV, they get very loose.

Tiny bears live in drain pipes.

If you are very very quiet you can hear the clouds rub against the sky.

The moon and the sun had a fight a long time ago.

Everyone knows at least one secret language.

When nobody is looking, I can fly.

We are all held together by invisible threads.

Books get lonely too.

Sadness can be eaten.

I will always be there.

(I like those lies a lot. My favorite is Tiny bears live in drain pipes. Found them here.)


Anonymous said...

About the "flying" one, when I was 7ish, I was able to fly. AG

Abby said...

sweet lie, mom.

Abby said...

so how come you hate to fly commercial now? hehehe.

wendy said...


All parents tell their children lies. Just recently I told mine that I have eyes in the back of my head so I can see them from all around. I told them that they grow in when you become a mother and can't be seen by anyone else (because, of course, they wanted to see the proof). ;-)

Kent and Kate said...

My favorites are the flying and the books. I used to think eggs got lonely in the carton if they didn't have another egg across from them. I still don't like it when the sides are uneven so I a make a point to always use an even number of eggs. Weird, I know.

Abby said...

wendy, you would be surprised how many people were so outraged at this list and told the author he was setting up his children for failure and ruining their lives. seriously. crazies. eyes in the back of your head are awesome.

kate, i did (and do) the exact same things! inanimate objects must sometimes feel lonely, i think. i also think we are both ocd.

Kelly & Nate Wright said...

Hey Abby!! Cute blog! My favorite lie (or the one I thought was most clever) was the clouds rubbing against the sky. What a good way to get kids to be quiet! I'm going to use that one when I need it. :)

Hanna said...

oh that is seriously tear-jerking cute. i don't lie when i say the last one made me want to cry. adorable. :)

Tiffany said...

Those are so cool! I definitely want to use some of them. I found your blog when I was making a comment on Kelly and Nate's blog, and I had to take a look. I think your blog is great, and you are so funny! I feel like I've learned a lot about "Abby and her clan!" I think I might have to add you to my blogger list.
Here's my blog if you ever want to take a look:


Elena & Alan said...

these are so cute! my favorite one is about books...I think I'm going to use some them sometime. Thank you for this post...

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

i LOVE these!

The Clarks said...

Didn't know you had a blog! I love bloggin! We'll be able to keep in touch this way!