Wednesday, February 13, 2008

too much information

I've been tagged by Ray and Tawny. I like tags. My sister doesn't. We're still friends.

10 years ago: Let's see...almost 14...awkward awkward awkward. Trying to be a skater. In the FLEX program at Cholla Middle School. Go Chargers.

On my to-do list: tickle Milo, kiss Pearl, paint some chairs, go to yoga.

What would I do if I became a billionaire: Make out a nice tithing check, buy all our family members a house, charity charity charity, buy Anthropologie, visit every country in the world. Every stinkin' country. Twice.

Places I've lived- not very many so I'm changing it to places I've been: Morocco, Spain, England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Mexico. Hawaii, too. (Thanks, Mom + Dad. And Eliza.)

Bad habits: Horrible posture, leaving the laundry wet in the washer so it starts to stink and I have to wash it again (and sometimes again), too much blogging, rushing things like crazy even when I don't need to, eating waaaaaay too many sweets, staying up late.

Snacks I enjoy: Dove chocolate, smoothies/slushies/shaved ice, soda, anything in the carbohydrate category.

People don't know about me: I am addicted to hot baths- need one every night in the winter even if I've showered that day too.

I walk outside barefoot a lot so my feet are always dirty.

So easily scared. It's not even funny.

I went to a Catholic youth service with my friend once and a jokester priest splashed some holy water on me- so I guess I'm Catholic too...?

Okay, I'm going to make some up:

Teenage Celebrity Crushes: Matt Damon, Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional), Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Steve Nash (Actually that one is kind of current. People think he's gross, but I dunno...), Milo Ventimiglia of Gilmore Girls (I didn't name my son after him)

TV show I wish I could live in: tie between Gilmore Girls and Little House on the Prarie (My husband's pick is Lost, which makes me so angry. The Others, Jamie! The Others!)

Wanting to splurge on right now: pretty high heels, fabric, Diorshow mascara, cable television (HGTV I miss you!), haircut and highlights

Everyone I know has been tagged, but I so love reading these things so anyone who wants to- do it again, please.


Bon said...


1) love gilmore girls-love milo (your milo too)

2) love steve nash

3)your to-do list sounds peachy

Dusty said...

I thought I was the only one that sometimes leaves the laundry in too long and then has to rewash it! I love reading your blog!

Abby said...

Colyar girls, way to represent on my blog.