Friday, February 04, 2011

decision 2011

would you be a doll and please go vote for regan & kate to win a photographer for their upcoming wedding? it will take you 15 seconds, probably less. i really really want kate to win. we've only met in real life once (almost twice except i threw up!) but i adore her and i maybe finagled a wedding invite.

go vote real fast. thanks!



kate said...

Thanks abby! Can't wait to make it #2 at our reception! ha

communikate. said...

done and done.

her timeline is the

David and Shalynna said...

Darling couple! I hope she wins (I voted:)!

teamBoo said...

are these some sort of utah celebrities? i just got an email yesterday from my step sister, who got it from her brother in law to vote for them too.

so i did.

they better be awesome.

Leslie said...

voted! :)

(i'm winning myself back into your favor with this, right? i really honestly forgot about dinner.) :(

anywho... love ya lots! :)

kate lines said...

voting! and if they don't win i'm going to beg her to let me shoot her wedding cause they are ADORABLE.

abby said...

HELLO! kate and kate lines, i think this needs to happen. genius.