Saturday, December 18, 2010

holly jolly

my camera is fixed! (free of charge, hallelujah.) i thought my camera skills would also be magically fixed. but no.

13 december


she asked me very seriously today, "can i marry milo?" i said yes and she proceeded to chase him around the house, outstretched arms and shouting, "marry! marry! marry!!" milo replied, screaming as he ran, "don't fall in love! don't fall in love!"

14 december

15 december

making bows! with felt! fun!

16 december

i made homemade fudge and caramels for neighbor gifts. fudge recipe here. caramel recipe here. both are really good ones! rolling and wrapping caramels is a real headache but i rewatched my favorite scenes from little dorrit while i did it. if you haven't seen little dorrit, drop everything and rent it. (or watch on youtube.) sooooooooo gooooooooood.

17 december

18 december

baby, it's freaking cold outside.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Milo and Pearl are two of the funniest kids ever! I'm happy about your camera. Good for you for making the fudge and caramels. The photos are all really good, especially the deer in your backyard. AG

Emily said...

My kids roared about the Pearl/Milo exchange.
The caramels were delish. Saving the fudge for tomorrow.
Is it the Little Dorrit movie or the series? Should I netflix it or will I hate it either way?
I met Susan form Freshly Picked tonight and we talked about you.

Veronica said...

whoa, your felt bow! i am doing that.

Gwen said...

You take wonderful photos. I'm always excited to see you have posted something.

Looks like its freaking cold everywhere.

communikate. said...

What the deer?!

That's so sweet that pearl wants to marry milo! To bad that will all change in a few years when she realizes that big brothers are disgusting and mean. (well, that's how I recall it, when my older brother tried to make me eat a grasshopper. )

yours truly said...

what? your pictures are always wonderful. it's one of the reasons i love reading your blog. i love getting a peak into people's lives that way. wishing you a merry merry christmas!

Sarah said...

wishing for some of that delish carmel right now.

love the felt bows.

Anonymous said...

Oh Abby, Little Dorrit is an absolute favourite of mine. It is playing on our public television in a marathon after Christmas and I can't wait! In fact, right now I'm watching a program called "The Story of the Costume Drama" about how period dramas {especially men walking out of a lake} have changed television. May I recommend a wonderful British drama series called "North and South" after the book by the same name, written by the same author who wrote Cranford. I may have a major crush on the gentleman who plays the lead character in North & South {see blog}!

I can't get over how much Milo & Pearl have grown!


Bethany said...

Love little Rudolph. I think it's cute she wanted to pretend to marry Milo. If Logan did that with Ethan, though-- wouldn't be nearly so cute:)

chelebug said...

Oh, how I just love your photos. Merry Christmas.

Becky said...

Awesome post, Abby! Love the deers and it would be impossible for Pearl to get any cuter! I am laughing at your Suck-Ups post, too. Good to know the flick trick!
p.s. I saw this gorgeous black and white photography book in Barnes and Noble this weekend where I learned you look A LOT like Twiggy. . . do people tell you that all the time, or what?

Becca said...

aw, I like your simple daily recaps!
so festive and fun. and real.

beautiful pictures!

Elena said...

Love your pictures, felt bow and every new post you make. Beautiful!

megan said...

I really dig the caramels and that felt bow and am glad you have them in your life.

(also, hi. kate showed me your blog months ago and I've been secretly following it ever since which makes me feel a bit like a creep so I though I'd just comment already.)

teamBoo said...

I love your daily photos (...once a week) You are so charming. I'd love to be charming...if we hung out, I'd be the total donkey friend.

hee haw.

wendy said...

I love seeing Pearl wear the shirt that Amy & I wore, as did all of my little girls (except poor Beth who was too big to wear it when she came home). It warms my heart!

Julie said...

Thanks to your recommendation I watched Little Dorritt and LOVED it! I am determined now to read the book-I feel like a story that good deserves to be read as well as seen.

whimsy said...

two of my nephews want to marry me and its pretty much my pride and joy...maybe im messed up. so my sisters and i have been all about felting! i love. cute bow! i love your dates with pics. great idea!