Wednesday, December 01, 2010

as long as you love me so

 27 november

spot the lion.

28 november.

not pictured. 13 hour drive home. it felt loooong.

29 november

pearl's new thing: ballerinas.
pearl's old thing still going strong: staring at herself in the mirror.

30 november

pearl's christmas gift to milo. a balloon-powered wooden boat.


Jill said...

sweet toothbrush holder!

communikate. said...

that photo of pearl kills me.
it totally reminds me of you-tube video of the girl with self affirmations

Anonymous said...

Your post titles are intriguing. I think they must be song titles. Your photos are always amazing. I smile big whenever I see a new post. So, thank you for sharing your adventures and your talents! AG

kelly said...

yes, that toothbrush holder is sweet. We have that ballerina swimsuit from target. Pearl is seriously cute and that's the end of the story.

angela hardison said...

i love how that gift is wrapped.

kate lines said...

i love all 3 photos.

rubi said...

your daughter has the coolest watch.

and i saw those balloon powered boats and cars at a store the other day. they look so cool!

Leslie said...

ahhh...can pearl wrap my presants? please?!
sorry i missed you over thanksgiving! we ended up having in sedona. boo.

chelebug said...

I love when little girls love ballerinas.

chelebug said...

and I love when they love looking in the mirror and smiling- When Ana was 2ish she used to give herself a kiss in the mirror in the morning after brushing her teeth.
and so far she has not grown up to be super fussy about hair and makeup and looks
a balloon powered boat sounds really cool

MaryPosa said...

If i was as cute as she is, I'd be looking at myself in the mirror all the time too!

p.s. Is that a DEER toothbrush holder?!? Amazing!!!

kristine said...

Pearl is adorable! And what a perfect name for a girl. Your photographs are really beautiful!

Kristine. Or Polly