Thursday, November 18, 2010


18 november

hiked up the hill to say hello to the chickens and goats and rabbits. jamie's stepdad has hundreds- HUNDREDS- of rabbits. they frighten me. have you read watership down? they all look like general woundwort to me. chickens are scary too, but they sure make good soup.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

hundreds of rabbits would frighten me too!

cara. said...

can i be there?

teamBoo said...

Rabbits have no souls.

It's the eyes.

wendy said...

I concur on General Woundwort and the chickens making good soup!

communikate. said...


i was in honor english in ninth grade, and had a nazi for a english teacher. {okay harsh. but true.}
i had to read like an accelerated reader book once every other week {see: books that are usually really long and boring.} for her class.

watership down was one of them. i had to stay home from school and read all day about those stupid rabbits, just so i could pass that test that week, because i procrastinated. it was low point in my ninth grade scholastic history.

needless to say, i hate that book.

oh i'm sorry, i thought you wanted to read my whole life story comment version. no big deal.

Becky Filhart said...

thanks for not being mad that i copied your idea. i always knew you were a good friend. this gives me a great excuse to procrastinate doing davenport. for real.

wendy said...

Have you eaten any of the General Woundwort rabbits yet? I have some in the freezer, but I am scared. I will not deny it.

Communikate--I am sorry that you didn't like Watership Down. I *LOVED* it! I think Abby liked it too, if I remember right.

abby said...

i did like it. i'm pretty sure i would have hated it as a 9th grader though! sympathies, kate.

caroyn, their eyes are RED. RED.

abby said...

oh and no way in hail i am eating any general woundworts.

Tawny said...

I love your daily pictures! They make me feel not so very far away. I'm fixin to call you tomorrow. Anytime good?