Sunday, January 17, 2010

white coat

so i'm really bad at this documenting-my-life-on-my-blog thing. i used to just blog when i got an itch for it. when i had a cute picture to share. now our family is all breathing down my neck about pictures pictures pictures (even my father-in-law! sheesh! [hi gerald!]). too stressful. this is why i've never been good at keeping a journal. too much pressure to document life. i kept a journal for like a year when i was 12 and everyday it said the same thing. "went to school today. it was great. went to eliza's after school. we made a spice girls video." the only variation would be a different way to say "goodbye" to my diary every night. "sayonara." "chow." (before i knew it was ciao.) "TTFN." it was a year of pain, basically. and it is painful to read now.

so what i'm trying to say, once again, is read janae's blog for the real meat. i want to be janae when i grow up. every day that i get to know her better she confirms that she is type A personality and i am type H. or Q.

the school had their white coat ceremony on saturday. in true jamie form, my husband wondered if he could save the money on buying a white coat and just use his black suit jacket? that is classic james. 

turns out he looked pretty cute in white.

this is where he goes to school. i know.

thank the heavens for andrew.

the ceremony was great. the school is awesome. it's surreal that we've actually made it to this point. amen. or TTFN.


Kevin and Ciara Slider said...

you guys are looking great! i love james' school and wish i could be there right now too! i'm so happy you guys were able to find some good friends, and by the way abby you are a type A+ personality! you are the sweetest, funniest, most sensere person ever and i love you to death! fyi!

amyegodfrey said...

ahhh. another post. love it! What may seem mundane and painful to you, just know that it provides us great joy! It's your gift to us, and we're most grateful. The pictures are wonderful. They help us feel like we were there. Thank you very much!

ClistyB said...

Hey you were able to keep your hair straight, right on! Pearl.. not so much. But I love that pic, it made me laugh. In an oh-that-ceremony-was-probably-so-boring-for-her way.

rubi said...

I love that I wasn't the only one out there who made spice girls videos.
I was acctually talking to my best friend about having a spice girl themed wedding earlier today.

Your family is adorable and we all want more pictures!

Oh and thank you so much for voting for me. Voting ends this Thursday. :)

Sarah said...

darling family photos ab! i like that we get to read janae's blog too so we get a double dose of island life!

you are rockin' the bubble skirt.

i'm totally laughing about the suit coat plan!!!!

and is it just me, or is jamie sporting a mullet in the student group shot?!!!

communikate. said...

journals in middle school were pointless. mine was totally the same way, except i'd be lamenting over what boy didn't like me. uggh. early teens. bad times.

umm. moving on.

white coat? that's major!

oh, and hello, you have the best style. yep. it's true.

Neil and Diana said...

Jamie, you are so hot standing there with your med school clique! Abby, I recently realized that journals are stupid. Rereading them is depressing, and what is the point of writing them if you're never going to read them? So in honor of the new year, I stuck my journal in the back of our closet and purchased a 3-inch notebook for two dollars. In it I write important things as I am inspired, such as: Add a j.tim song to the playlist of my next cd. Don't pack so much sh*t next time we go to DC. Get mustard.
You can thank me later.
P.S. I love you so much.

amyegodfrey said...

I was going to mention the mullet, but didn't want to undignify the photo. But, yeah, great mullet, Jamie!

ashley said...

I love these pictures!!!!!!!

You are so beautiful and I love that family picture of you guys. We are so happy about all of this.

I am so embarrassed when I read my old journal. And at one point we made a Blair Witch Project video...we had never seen Blair Witch Project so you can consider it our interpretation of the previews for it. It's amazing. And we made videos to Spice Girls as well! Man! Now I'm going to have to talk to my friend Becca about the different videos we'd make. I wish I still had them.

This is getting too long, but I am also proud to say that my first music video was when I was about 8 or so and it was to "Gangsta's Paradise." And we DO still have that video.

Janae said...

I wish I was you too. I don't know what that means.

As for type A, who RAN church yesterday?!?!

In eighth grade, I was part of an "Isn't it Ironic" video. I hope it never surfaces.

Val and Dan said...

Didn't you just LOVE this day?! I loved Dan's White Coat Ceremony (and his wasn't even over looking the Caribbean for goodness sake!). It is just so exciting and real, and they look so handsome and professional in their coats! It makes me think how fun graduation is going to be!

Eliza said...

tremendous pics and thanks for the shout-out. i remember fondly how i used to think "ciao" was "chow" as well. p.s. you guys are tan.

kate lines said...

your pretty.

brooke and tyler said...

no way. i'm 100% jealous as i look out the window and stare at mounds and mounds of snow.
oh and the whole talking about what they are learning all day really never ends. they love to show off their knowledge! at least tyler does.

Here Dwells Happiness said...

Dr James looks AWESOME! So professional and doctorly. Haha. Love the pictures soooo much. Keep them coming!

Emily said...

Yay for Jamie, and yay for mullets! I want to hear about how you ran church. Please send me a long email about it. kaythanksbye.

David and Shalynna said...

How exciting for your family! This is a big deal.

You are so gorgeous.

Don't feel bad about not being successful at writing in a journal. I probably only missed like twenty days between ninth grade and sophomore year of college in my journal (totally obsessive compulsive about it for some reason) and I hate going back to read them. I get sooooo embarrassed and I actually recorded way too many details. My kids will get bored if they ever read them! What a waste of precious time...

My cousin and I used to make home videos all the time. One of my favorites is our Ricky Lake talk show. :)

And here I go again with leaving the longest comments. You would think I TRY to, but it just happens.

Miss you guys.

David and Shalynna said...

Oh and you have perfect eyebrows.

AND Jamie really does look like a doctor! I'm serious!

Jarret said...

James. Hold Fast. That coat looks P/E/R/F/E/C/T on you.

Lissybug said...

Here is a secret. I did not write in my journal about my last two kids being born. I did write about Zach. You should blog when you feel like it. I love the pictures, though. You're family is so cute, and it's nice to know how you are doing. When your family is not in the U.S.A. any more, it kind of freaks you out a little.