Friday, January 01, 2010

we're not in kansas anymore

i took this picture hours ago on the way to our new home. 

is this really happening? 

james and i have taken turns crying tonight.

"bring your own linens" means "bring your own towels," not "bring your own sheets." 

there are weird animals croaking and whistling outside. 

the most ginormous grasshopper is on our porch.
we checked 8 huge 50 lb bags at the airport and i am grateful for every ounce now that i'm here. 

is this really happening?

saying goodbye to family was too too hard.

our curtains are lace. 

i have never known humidity until this moment.

this place is very beautiful.

i keep expecting to see john locke.

pearl and milo were the deviliest of devils today.

we just spent $60 in the nastiest grocery store for some very very basic food items.

my thoughts are everywhere and i am not expressing myself well.

by some miraculous miracle(the first and hopefully not the last of 2010) some kind and unknowing kittitian is supplying us an internet signal and so on our first night in this foreign place i am blogging and watching food network like i would be doing in utah. cue tim mcgraw singing "somebody must be praying for me."

i want to be better at showing people how much i love them. 

because i hope our family and friends know how much i love them.

i am grateful for this experience.

is this really happening?


Emily said...

Hooray, you're there! From now on, I'm commenting with Lost quotes.

"I have looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful."

P.S. Elliot cried a little more when he got home, but it just means he has an aunt and an uncle he loves like crazy.

grant + brittany said...

wow. well congratulations, i just really can't wait to hear more. i want to also be better at showing people how much i love them.... glad you guys are safe. :)

Sarah said...

i am crying a little as i read this. happy, sad, nervous, excited tears.

it will get better. no question. it'll just take some time. the new-ness of it all must be somewhat overwhelming, but as you get to know people, and your way around, no problem.

you're awesome abby! you can do this!!!!!

wendy said...

I am SO happy you made it safely. I miss you guys TONS already. Please blog a lot and I need pics of the kids in St. Kitts.

Sarah said...

James and Abby, this is Mark (sarahs husband in case the trama has already caused you to forget me). I'm a frequent voyeur of your blog, but never comment. J/k You know I'm not a fan of blogs. However, tonight I'm making an exception for a family we all hold dear. For all the crying going on I felt like I had to throw down. My advice is this:
1) This is where you are supposed to be.
2) Spend some time crying in the next day or so. Then suck it up an stop.
3) Realize God created St. Kits just the same way he created UT (only with more greenery, water, and crappy expensive grocery stores).
4) We are all jealous of you two. I speak truth.
5) No matter what anyone else says Keanu Reeves really is the worlds worst actor. (Sorry don't know where that came from).
6) Know that you are already in our prayers and our childrens, and I have learned through very real experience in life that God listens more closely to the prayers of children. Therefore, it will all work out nicely. My kids already know that, in time you will to.
7) Not sure how were going to do it, what with our 37 kids and counting, what, better not still be counting, we are going to do our best to come visit, weather or not you want us to. Sarah and I that is, no 37 children.
8) I got the best T-shirt for Christmas. Red, white block lettering that says: "Max Hall hates me."
9) Life is good.

We love you all.

Kera said...

hey abby. i wish we could be in pajamas having a good drink and talk about the crazy things we did this year. I'm so glad you made it safely. I know exactly how you feel. It's going to be great though. That picture looks picturesque. go get some bikes.

Anonymous said...

This is your mommy. I miss you like crazy, but I'm still happy you're there. I will cry often but it's all good tears. We got to San Diego fine, after Bob and Paula won about 1,200 on penny machines at the casinos. More tomorrow. I love you sooooooooo much. AW

Anonymous said...

hello from auntie paula!! you guys are in for the ride of your lives so just hold on and scream!!! you are so blessed with your sweet little family and we all wish we were there with you.

Neil and Diana said...

Abby, I am sending you strong lovebeams from the (channeling Mark) BOH-RING Arizona Daily Star. You guys are intrepid explorers of the universe. And the water and the fish and people who have never been to Phx or SLC. That picture is so cool.

Emily said...

Since when is mom AW?

David and Shalynna said...

Oh, Abby! This is the hardest part- the beginning. Saying bye to family and going through the transition and shock is probably harder than you can imagine, but the bright side is it will get easier from here! I have no idea who Sarah is or her husband, but his comment was hilarious (I hate Keanu Reeves' acting too!) and his advice sounds perfect. Before I leave you a novel, I'm going to just email you.

This picture is gorgeous. You live on an island! Just think of poor David and I stuck in stupid Herriman and wishing so badly that we could be in the Caribbean again (I've decided not to change my location in my blogger profile until I live somewhere cool...).

PLEASE keep us updated and keep emailing. I'm so thankful for whoever your neighbor and that they don't lock their wireless network. And while we're at it- I'm thankful for whoever my neighbor is who doesn't lock their's either. :)

Anonymous said...

wow. that was weird, Emily. I must have been channeling my youth. I think Las Vegas got to me today. Too many casinos. Too much smoke. I love everyone's comments, especially Mark's.
Sleep well and wake up counting your blessings. Want a song?
You've got to . . accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mr. InBetween

con mucho amor, tu mamacita AWG

Carolyn said...

i scary.

David and Shalynna said...

Oh and I forgot to say that you are so funny for mentioning John Locke. When we lived in Grand Cayman (I feel so annoying for always talking about it and trying to compare our situations... sorry!) we were obsessed with LOST and guess what.... we had a hatch outside our apartment! I am dead serious.

David and Shalynna said...

Last comment... get vonage! I think it's like $20 a month and you can call the states alllllllll the time. I'll even pay for it just so I can talk to you about this awesome experience. :)

Calico Sky said...

Oh Abby, I've been through this myself many times and I promise from the depth of my heart it gets a lot easier. I always think any new experience takes a good 6 weeks to feel normal, to feel like you understand what to expect and what is expected of you. I didn't realize you were going (for some reason I thought you'd posted you couldn't go) but I will now start praying for you lots!


debi said...

we love you guys.

Natalie said...

Abby I've dreamed about St. Kitts for 2 nights now. Trust me, i've never been there but i have googled it and if it is anything like my dreams you should stay away from the lizard fish that live there...other than that you are going to love it! I'm excited for you guys. You're brave and united. And when you are united in bravery your marriage muscles are growing like you are on steroids. PRICELESS! make quick friends with your neighbors and let them know how many people are depending on their internet signal. Big hug!!!

communikate. said...

You're there! I'm sure there are going to be a million moments of "what the hell are we doing?", but you're going to look back and be so happy you did this {i just know it!!}

Good luck with your new adventures! Just remember everything takes time!

xoxo Kate!

Eliza said...

wow, wow and wow.

A & A Hooper said...

Wow! what a change! change is good most of the time but... most times it's hard to! i'm not sure why your there or what your doing but i wish you and your little family the best of luck! {cry all you want... it really does help} as for the grasshopper... last night on iron chef they made a "tasty" treat out of grasshopper...maybe you could try it out!!:}

Lissybug said...

It's okay to cry. Of course this is scary. I would be terrified. Leaving the United States to live somewhere else with different lifestyles, different laws, different everything. But you rock. Because you did it. I've never even been to Canada, so I am jealous of you right now. Much love. You rock!

Becky said...

Abby, it is delightful to hear from you so soon and to laugh at your Tim Mcgraw joke.

You may not feel brave yet, but this experience will make you brave. Of course, you already knew that.

Next time you see a ginormous grass hopper, grab the camera.

Hope you find a nice safe beach to hang out on with the kiddos and get a good bronze glowing!!

Good Luck!

amyraye said...

you have too many friends. and you can do anything for 18 months- as long as you have your family with you (and an internet connection). enjoy it. make the best of it. make it home. you'll be just as sad to leave that "home" in 18 months.
can't wait to hear more.

Tippetts said...

Listn to Shalynna! (except we did Skype instead, but I've heard good things about Vonage too) I was freaked out also, but I promise it will go by reallly fast and you will have amazing adventures to tell ppl about forever after! p.s. go scuba diving - it's amazing. oh and do they have lobster there? that's what we ate all the time because mitch could catch them for free and food there is SO expensive.

Shanley Knox said...

oh, I know those moving feelings - wishes and prayer to you! thanks for making me think...

ashley said...

Abby, you have so many friends! I feel like you don't even need my comment now!

We were so sad that you couldn't come by here but so happy that your adventure is starting. I want to come and visit you now! We had no idea you left like the day after Jamie talked with Nate! I wanted to call you and chat before leaving, so now hopefully we can skype or something. Do you have a webcam?

Tara said...

First of all, you have 27 "hello's" for this post (not including mine)?! I can't even get my own mom to follow my blog! You'll have to tell me your secret (:
Second of all - you're so brave! I think that what you're doing is incredible and it seems like such a great opportunity for your family! Someday I will be brave and follow suite (-;

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