Tuesday, October 20, 2009

if the salad's on top, i send it back.

it's been awhile hasn't it? my husband has told me to talk to him when i'm ready to take my blog "to the next level." but he also mentioned going "acrost" something the other day and i said "you never go acrost anything, james" and he said, "in this economy, you never know, abby."

these are film pictures i took when i was just trying to quickly finish up a roll of camping pictures, but they ended up being the only pictures that developed. for whatever reason! that always happens to me darnit.

i also just want to publicly declare that if and when we ever are not poor students, i am going to be one of those people who walks up to the darling old man in the baseball cap at costco who is signing copies of his book and i am going to talk to him for an hour and a half at least about it and then i am going to buy five copies at least. it broke my heart to walk past him today, face buried in my clam chowder sample cup rather than make eye contact with him. i love you old man.

p.s. the new swell season album is so so good. not to mention the new moon soundtrack. yowzers!


David and Shalynna said...

Abby! I was happy to get your email. I'll write you back soon. You MUST tell me where you got those frames for the silhouettes. David and I took silhouette photos of my four nieces and nephews to give my sister-in-law for Christmas and those frames are perfect. Please say you got them at the dollar store or somewhere else cheap and not a thrift store where I will never find them again!

That conversation you and Jamie had about "acrost" is hilarious. It reminds me of what I said the other day when we were at Sonic, "That flag is humungust!" I tell you- our families have more and more in common the more we get to know one another. :)

Is the title to this post a movie quote?

Sarah said...

i am laughing at Jamie's comment. i'd like to know how the rest of that conversation went. nowhere?

what was the book signing at costco? maybe no one was paying attention because it was a book on the joy of communism. would you buy 5 copies of that book?

your children look older than i remember. how can that be?

darling silhouettes!

Fashionably Kate said...

Oh hi there friend.

Your costco book signing man story made me feel bad for him, and I wasn't even there. Great writing!

Oh, and I'm VERY excited to see Swell Season at Mesa Arts in November. VERY!

come back soon.

Eliza said...

fab photos! and i'd love if you could fly acrost the country and visit me! but alas, we'll have to find a way to see each other sometime soon. i love your children!

TEH said...

I'd recognize that title anywhere! Nice Office plug! Hey, I just tried calling you and I guess I have the wrong number. Can you send me your current phone number? Or call us on our internet phone? (Cell phone won't work since we're still in Japan.) Love you!

amyegodfrey said...

Nice comeback, Jamie! Funny. The kids look so old, and I miss them so much. I love your silhouettes. Is Jamie going to help you take the blog to the next level? That ought to be good.

cara. said...

yay you're back. i just love your blog entry titles and feel like sometimes you're talking directly to me. (: or that maybe no one else gets them like i do.

i've been trying to say this all week, but big bear hasn't gotten a chance to see the episode yet :/ so it's not catching on like i'd hoped. ha.

and we, too, are of "poor students". . . we welcome the camaraderie.

amyraye said...

love pearl's crazy hair in the silhouettes.

Neil and Diana said...

I think Emily can give you some tips on The Joy of Communism. Thank you for posting. I liked seeing your pictures and reading your words. Milo and Pearl remind me of Neil and Emily.

grant + brittany said...

we laughed out loud at the title of this post.

kate lines said...

such good photos. (again) ((and title))

Jenn Kirk said...

Love your film images. And Michael Scott quotes. I've said that one three times since I read your post. And the New Moon soundtrack has been on repeat here!

amyegodfrey said...

At lunch today, Heather and I had a good laugh about Jamie's comment. She loves your posts.

remi said...

laughed (out loud/hysterically) at your post title. oh how michael makes me laugh.

welcome back! oh how we've missed you!

leslie said...

The Office :) I think this weeks episode was alos funny; "I'm going to date your mom even harder." Oh, Michael..
Enjoyed this post through and through!

Sophia said...

LOVE the silhouette photos of your kiddos. So fabulous.

Kevin and Ciara Slider said...

hey! it was so great to see you guys today! it made me miss you more! we need to get together soon! ps. your kids are so cute!

brooke and tyler said...

abby-3 things.
1. always in love with your pictures
2. your kids are growing up so fast
3. you've got to tell me how you made those silhouettes
oops-4 things
4. do you happen to have leslie's email address?

Anonymous said...

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