Wednesday, May 20, 2009


jamie called into "the doug wright show" today. he was talking about huntsman and the church in east asia. he was so excited about it. very cute, that man.

i'm glad kris won. my family thinks he looks like jamie. i think so too. my mom cried during the finale. it is a very endearing thing about my mom, what she can get emotional about. but i think i cried when elliott yamin got voted off, so there.

my kids are devil children. i am the worst mom in the world. i tried to make cupcakes with them today and it turned into a disaster and i threw them in their beds and slammed the door and threw myself on my bed and cried a thousand tears. i feel better now but, really, it was a hard day. i hope this phase ends soon.

i chose to weed our garden instead of watch the first hour of idol. it was such an easy choice. i'm obsessed with gardening. i picked some romaine straight from our plot for salad tonight. it is so so satisfying and exciting. i know, i know- snoozefest. i'll shut up, but it's really all i want to talk about these days. don't knock it til you've tried it. also, the fact that i now love gardening and the idea of living in the country is a huge turn-on for my husband. ew, that sounds gross. nie nie can write those things, but i don't think i can. disregard.

i could really use a rosefruit boba drink right now.

i can't go to bed before 1 AM and it is ruining my life.

i got stung by a bee for the first time last week. it flew up my wide legs. i knew there's a reason i wear the same pair of $10 skinny jeans every single day ('cept that one). what's worse than the sting pain was knowing that a bee was crawling on my leg unbeknownst to me.

i bought a peony plant today.

we are in the midst of selling all of our furniture and it feels so good. + thrifty (cheap?) utahans = $$$.

i have the perfect name for my next daughter and i am anxious about it. i won't be having another one for awhile and i'm afraid someone will steal it or it will get trendy before i can use it. it's a good one. wouldn't you like to know.

milo calls croutons, "salad rocks."

a goat bit pearl today. she cried but then tried to feed him some more bread.

valerie, veronica, hanna, kim,
and some others i'm forgetting: for some reason i can't comment on your blogs. you all have the same format, so that must be it. anyway, your blogs are great. good, solid content. i like them. just wanted you to know.

okay, that's all.


amyegodfrey said...

I don't know what the Doug Wright show is, but . . cool. Your kids are not devil children and you're not the worst mom in the world. I believe every mother echoes those feelings at times. Take a deep breath and count your blessings. I can't wait to see you all next month.

Kent and Kate said...

Fun post!

I watched idol last night (I haven't been watching my husband just happened to turn it on. I am more of a SYTYCD fan) I think Kris looks like James too.

I know what you mean about having good names and worrying someone will use them. I have a boy and a girl name that I am hoping will not be stolen before I can use them.

Fashionably Kate said...

i think we would be really good friends in real life {not blogging land..}

i'm sorry you got stung by a bee. i've yet to experience that right of passage myself {knock on wood.}

and what the? a goat bit your daughter? random.

oh and yes.. i've got names for all of my future children. i'm terrified to even utter them to my husband for fear he'll spill the beans. my brother all ready stole one of them. jerk. ;)

and as for the furniture. ours is selling like hotcakes for our future move to the northwest. i love it. a fresh start, and new furniture are in the works. yay.

hope your day goes better than the cupcake episode yesterday.oh, and i love the fact that you call them devil children. hilarious.

hope you like my novel that i just wrote you.


Kim said...

abby, perhaps ... and this only a suggestion ... perhaps you could give a little warnining to the posts where bees or wasps are concerned? something like "ATTENTION KIM! ATTENTION KIM! WINGED STINGING CREATURE HORROR & TRAUMA TO FOLLOW. BE ADVISED!!"i'm just saying.

Ashley Comeau said...

That was an awesome bit bit of babbling you did there. How come I don't sound that cute when I'm rambling? When are you guys moving?

remi said...

you're cute.

And yet I'm jealous that you are susie homemaker...even if it makes you cry.

ps- I love The Hiding Place too.


Leslie said...

oh i love you abby. :)

i love how completely and totally human you are.

i love your kids. send them down if ever you need some time to breathe. and milo says the funniest things. i'll miss him when you guys are gone.

i totally agree that jamie and kris allen look alike. i told ryan that from the beginning of idol.

i heard an awesome name for a girl last night and yes, i'm tucking that little piece of info in my pocket for safe keeping.

you're the best, abby. and i really mean that. :)

Sophia said...

Seriously, this post had me laughing out loud! I loved all of May 20th commentary. Crying on the bed and how Nie Nie can write "turn on" were amongst my favorites. Don't move away!
PS If you are getting rid of cute things that a Sophie might like let me know:)

Wright Bunch said...


You rock. Really you make me laugh so hard. Really hard. I'm sitting here in my robe all alone laughing out loud at your post. I think you should say turn on more. It made my laugh.



Wright Bunch said...


You rock. Really you make me laugh so hard. Really hard. I'm sitting here in my robe all alone laughing out loud at your post. I think you should say turn on more. It made my laugh.



KILEY said...

I am amazed at how competitive I am getting with the whole garden. Tyler and I scope it out to see who's garden is outgrowing ours and it only feeds the fire. He waters your tomatoes sometimes though. He is just too nice. Also, I HATE it when I love a name and don't tell anyone so it doesn't get stolen but somehow it miraculously makes the top ten list of baby names. Sickening.

Kim said...

You make me laugh. Weird that you can't comment on my blog. What does it say when you try to?

Grant + Brittany said...

i want to garden. and i love peonies. i never go to bed before 1 am and let me tell you- it has SEriouslY ruined my life. seriously. the same things are a turn on to my husband. what is a rosefruit boba drink?

wendy said...

i LOVED this post abby! and i love YOU!

Eliza said...

wow. i miss you.

Bethany said...

Abby, you're so interesting. That's probably why so many people read your blog!

You're much braver than I am to even attempt to make cupcakes with your kids. Ethan's close to Pearl's age, but I wouldn't dare. I still have a gate closing off the kitchen so he can't get in there. I would've gotten frustrated, too! You're not a bad mom:)

Val and Dan said...


I am distraught that you cannot comment on my blog. I love your comments. Thanks for still reading and thinking about me. I'm sorry you cried over your kids being difficult. Last weekend I babysat 2 kids (ages 4 and 2) for a family in my ward, and we had to go pick up the mom from the airport. Well, the whole 2-hr drive home in the mini-van both kids had a total melt down and were screaming at the top of their lungs so hard I thought they were going to gag on their tears. I literally thought, "I understand now how a mom can just totally lose it sometimes." After that babysitting fiasco I cried the whole drive back to my house and thought about how I will never be a good mom if I can't even handle that. Anyway, this is your longest comment ever, but I haven't commented in a while, so I'm making up for it. And way to go on the garden. I have fresh basil and parsley growing that I'm using in my cooking and loving it. And I have peonies up with buds, that just haven't opened yet. Please be around this summer in July. If I miss seeing you in Utah one more time I am going to scream

Love ya like a sis

Tara said...

Glad to know that I'm not the only one who sometimes starts "fun family time" only to end it with time-outs and tears - lol! I hope you're able to finish off the week on a higher note (my sister would now take the opportunity to ridicule the grandma sounding phrase I just used).
I love KSL. Probably because I am cheap. And lazy. Its like a yard sale that you don't have to get up for.
You definately have me curious about the new baby name. If ever you are itching to tell someone, I won't be having any more kids (so I won't steal it) and I promise not to tell (;

Tiffany said...

Sorry you had a hard day.

You are a very good Mommy! We all have hard moments on a daily basis, for real!

And that's sad that pearl got bit by the goat. I hope it wasn't a bad bite.

I'm way excited about starting a garden!

I am right there with ya on the 1am bedtime thing. I seriously need to fix that. (If only my kids would fall asleep earlier).

I'm so glad Kris won. He was my favorite of the top 10.

I really want to know the name you have for a girl! I promise I won't tell. :)

I think your nie-nie like comment was way cute! And it made me laugh what you said about it afterward. Thanks for an entertaining post! I love your blog.

I need to be more like You!

David and Shalynna said...

I came across your blog (through Grant and Brittany's and Rockstar Diaries) and hope you don't mind that I stopped by!

I just think it's a lovely blog- probably because I love photo booths, polaroids, Mesa (I grew up there, did you?), and The Hiding Place.

Sarah said...

You are the best. In the words of Myley Cyrus: Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, everybody knows what I'm talkin' 'bout, everybody makes mistakes.

Very. deep.

Emily said...

Did Rockstar Diaries link to you?

David and Shalynna said...

We are going to live in Herriman starting August for a few months- maybe we'll run into each other!

There is actually a medical school on this island (I'm sure you guys looked into it). From what I understand it is basically (or close to) free to apply. It might be worth a shot. There are some pros and cons about the school, but we have several friends that go there so we know quite a bit about it. Let me know if you want any info.

P.S.I actually saw your link on the comments post of Rockstar Diaries when I was leaving a comment (in case I was confusing in my last comment), but maybe she linked to you at one point. That would be a huge compliment since she's such a doll. :)

Trent and Brooke Warner said...

I thought I would add to your fan club comments. You are so funny and I love the honesty of feelings. As it has already been echoed by all the other moms, we all have bad days. I have shed many tears too when my kids and I aren't getting along. Frustrating.

Sophia said...

Okay.... I am sad. I didn't get to say goodbye:(
I thought I would at least get to see you Sunday. I am glad the move has taken place though the in between stage sucks. You and your family are going to be seriously missed!
Call me when you are in town.
PS thanks SO much for the hand me downs. Your taste is so cute and I adore all the little girl stuff.

Fashionably Kate said...

Abby- As a total stranger/ new blogging friend, I take it as my duty to insist on a new post por favor.

Geez it's not like your busy with two kids and moving and such! ;)

Anonymous said...

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