Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pastries, so hot right now.

last week, ashley and i went and got a little work done on our faces. i will officially be middle-aged next week, so i felt it was time. okay, you got me, i'll just be middle-twenties actually. and we just got chemical peels. but we really loved them. someday when we are not poor students, i'm going to do all that face stuff where they shoot lasers at you and scrub your face until you look like a zombie. if you've ever watched 10 Years Younger (worst makeover show ever), you know what i'm talking about.

anywho, after the peels we ate lunch at Les Madeleines in SLC. we split a sesame chicken rice wrap with edamame. and i had a lavender lemonade. and then we had tons of pastries. i guess Les Madeleines is famous for their pastry from brittany called kouing-aman. it's like a sweet, crunchy, little-bit-gooey croissant. pretty good. the Neelys even came to SLC to feature it on their show. my husband is obsessed with the Neelys. he wants our marriage to be just like theirs. i don't think i will ever be as saucy as gina. sorry, j-dude.

after eating we hit up a bunch of antique shops recommended by yho. antiques are awesome and depressing all at once. does anyone else feel that way too? i almost bought about 10 vintage white dresses for pearl. i've found that if you just pretend for about 2 minutes that you're going to buy something, but then you don't, you get that same good-old-fashioned material high without having to come home and explain to your husband why you needed to buy a dress for 30 dollars that is just going to hang on your daughter's wall and, no, she can't wear it or else she'll purposely spit chocolate milk on it first chance she gets and my children don't own any clothes that don't have at least one stain on them because we really need to buy some of that stain remover from that screaming guy on tv (oxyclean?). see how that works?

well, here are some pictures.

ashley please don't move. thanks.


wendy said...

All you need to make your marriage like the Neelys' is to give it a little *kick*. ;-) I love the Neelys too (at least I did when we had TV).

shugee (ashley) said...

oh my gosh, wonderful pictures! see, who needs a digital SLR when you can take such stellar pictures with film?

Also, please move with us. Thanks.

I'm putting my pictures up tonight. Get excited. I'm laughing out loud right now in the library just thinking of them.

chelsea said...

These photos are beautiful. What kind of camera do you use? Thanks:)!