Thursday, January 15, 2009

watch out, rick steves.

i remember reading somewhere (probably a blog) a suggestion that you write down the 5 different lives you wish you could live. then you are supposed to keep elements of those things present in your life at all times. for example, here are mine:

1 travel writer + photographer
2 seamstress
3 musician
4 linguist
5 dancer

i am all about this. i really want to do it. does anyone wanna take a ballet class with me? i am serious. i can remember plié and relevé and that's about it.

here is a thought: "What goals would you set if you knew you could not fail?" -Mary Ellen Edmunds.

i would really love to hear everyone's 5 lives. do share.

{me by year's end.}
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Sarah said...

Dancer (think River Dance)
Quilter (think Denyse Schmidt)
Graphic Designer
Fabric Designer (think Amy Butler)
honorable mention: Runner (but I hate running!)

Eliza said...

i'll dance with you! what happened to marine biologist? ok here's mine:

Broadway actress
Well-respected jazz vocalist
Sign language interpreter
Columnist for the Post's Style section
Professional ballroom dancer

abby said...

i really like your lists!

eliza- marine biologist is a close 6th, but i'm afraid of sharks and things with tentacles.

Jarret said...

1 - doing what I am doing right now.
2 - pulitzer prize winning author
3 - professor of human potential
4 - potter
5 - sushi chef

Some terminology might be incorrect. 5.5 is an 18E (eighteen echo).

shugee (ashley) said...

I'm sorry, this is terribly crude, but at first I thought you'd written "Things with testicles" and I wondered how you ever managed to have children if you were afraid of testicles. Hahaha. Oh goodness.

This is a good idea, I will make a list!

wendy said...

Oooh ... this is so fun Abby.

1. Famous chef with oodles of famous cookbooks.
2. A real writer--not just the one I play on my blog. One that makes actual money.
3. Archaeologist
4. Super athletic--like a professional athlete.
5. Painter.

Ever since I was a tiny tyke I have wanted to be a mom. So, I feel pretty lucky to achieved that goal at least.

(I could think of more than 5--I want it all, but my computer is running out of battery and it is way past my bedtime.)

Kent and Kate said...

I like this! I might have to put your idea up on my blog. Sorry I am a copy cat. I will give you credit.

1. professional contemporary ballet dancer.

2. interpreter (this will be a tough one. I don't think knowing enough french to teach a ballet class will help me in anyway.)

3. painter

4. musician

5. teacher

I love this!!! Thanks for your post.

abby said...

i love everyone's lists! i wish more people would share.

and ASHLEY! THIS IS A G-RATED BLOG! (you are awesome and remind me of my mom. i'll explain somewhere else.)

Kim said...

I love this! Ok here are mine --

1. Writer
2. Author
3. Musician
4. Pastry Chef
5. Ice Cream Flavor Inventor (this would ROCK!)

brooke and tyler said...

oh how fun. i'm going to participate on this one...

1. author (children's books)
2. photographer
3. bread shop owner (mmm, yummy)
4. hair stylist
5. mom

i know hair stylist totally doesn't fit with me because i never change my look, but i love helping other people change their looks!

abby said...

kim, you better start eating A LOT of ice cream. that is an awesome career goal.

brooke, way to make everyone look bad and say "mom." i love the bread shop owner one. that would be amazing.

Emily said...

Are these supposed to be careers?

food critic, musician (as in the symphony), ambassador, financial planner, international development agent

leslie born said...

I know I am late getting to this... but I have to be apart of it! La!

1: Broadway actress

2: Singer/song writer

3: Athlete

4: Clothes Designer

5: Journalist

ha! fun fun!

abby said...

i just thought of one i need to have on my list: librarian. i don't know which one to kick off, though.

amyegodfrey said...

1. high school music teacher
2. interpreter/linguist
3. tap dancer
4. horticulturist
5. archeologist

Reba said...

doctor, concert pianist, professional folk singer, university professor, travel writer

Sophia and Brent said...

1.Lead singer of a band
2.Dancer in celine dion's show
3.Professional surfer
4.Photographer of awesomeness
5.Poet / songwriter

I may change my mind... I always do, but most of these are concrete.

I lOVE the post for fitness group!
You are so creative and witty