Thursday, December 04, 2008

more junk i don't need but i want for christmas

it was so good! i want to watch it 100 times. that cynthia, i don't know if i loved her or hated her. but her mother...deplorable.

framed original london bus sign. me and london are tight.

tiger backpack. i want this for milo but i know he would rather have a dora backpack. um, i refuse. i see enough of her and all her friends on the tv.

cupcake canisters. pearl and i could fight over them. she would inevitably roll her eyes at me dramatically like she always does and then the fight would be over. winner by reason of sassiness: pearl.

conceal bookshelf. i just think this is so cool.

the end of my list. pinky promise.


wendy said...

yeah, you watched wives and daughters. and loved it. me too. made my heart skip several beats when he finally, finally realizes her charms. how could he be so foolish? cynthia? really. we're showing the girls north and south tonight and tomorrow night. next on the list will be w&d. kenyon asked, "why do girls like romantic stuff so much?" i didn't have an answer. but oh how we do!

abby said...

oh i can't wait when pearl is old enough to enjoy those types of movies! how fun for you.

Amy said...

love the cpcake canisters. Cute. Dora was a fan of Halle's once upon a time. Mya prefered Diego.
Now I know what to get Milo for his birthday ;)

Angela said...

I sincerely hope this isn't the end of christmas lists! They're so fun. And I'm glad you watched Wives and Daughters. It's on my "Don't need but would love to have" Christmas list too. Along with North and South and Jane Eyre.

Eliza said...

i like your list. keep it going.