Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i think only wendy and emily will understand this post

when i read about food in books, it always sounds so amazing. i remember when i used to read Little House books a lot, wishing i too could enjoy porridge and hard tack and salted beef. while wearing calico, natch.

so it is with dismay that i tell you that red bush tea is kind of nasty. precious can keep it.


abby said...

and i abstained from posting a beautiful picture of bush tea for you, em.

Emily said...

I think I fell asleep for a few days, and missed a lot of inside jokes. I know the book, but why wouldn't I want a picture? Also what the heck are the rotavirus and smelly and ESPN references? And yes, i will see Twilight with you, but you must not tell anyone, and we may not go on opening night.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Jamie also have a weird thing with wanting to try all the food he reads about? I remember him once going on and on about turkish delight. :)


abby said...

emily, all of my questions were from reading your profile page. i didn't put a picture because we just talked about you liking posts without pictures. suddenly this post is ten times less interesting.

debi, yes he is the same way.

Emily said...

Yeah, okay, I get it. I knew those things were sort of vaguely familiar, but it was like a dream. Way to not post a picture. But it's not that I don't like them, it's just that I don't like to spend the time and energy to do them myself. And I think it's okay for Kakie to not do that, either.

I'm sorry I didn't get all the jokes. Coolio?

Emily said...

I just read my profile. It's funny!

You don't have to invite me to a movie out of charity.

abby said...

not so much charity as i don't think jamie wants to see it and i think you and i are on the same twilight wavelength.

and kakie, my sister loves your blog. it's official.

wendy said...

I was wondering about red bush tea. Where did you find it? I love how Mma Makutsi (sp?) finally buys her own tea pot so she can have ordinary tea. Apparently she isn't the biggest fan of red bush, either.

I am so like you and James when it comes to foods in stories.