Thursday, October 23, 2008

san francisco (be sure to wear flowers in your hair)

you've been waiting. twiddling your thumbs in anticipation. holding your breath... no more. here are our vacation pictures. (we had a really wonderful time.)

coupla beautiful girls.

love this. this is at the blue mermaid. it is a completely touristy restaurant at fisherman's wharf but don't hate because i had the most delicious dungeness crab and corn chowder there. best chowder i've ever had.

after church on sunday. (a great experience! an opera singer provided an amazing special musical number and i even ran into a blogger! it was the one i won a piece of art from awhile back. really cute family. i love when i see bloggers in real life.) thank you, bay ward. you were lovely.

ghirardelli was really overpriced and touristy, but that didn't stop us from getting delicious sundaes there twice. (milo calls ghirardelli, "gag-and-gargle.")

boudin. sourdough bread. delicious.

the chestnut diner.

while waiting for the blue angels show (we caught the tail end of fleet week) we ran into a lovely little columbus day parade. here is the falun gong marching band. significant because jamie wrote a paper for me in college about the falun gong (a suppressed chinese religious group). it was a fun parade! very italian. (i know the falun gong picture is giving you other ideas, but it really was. columbus... italy... you know.)

the airshow was amazing. i really wasn't expecting to enjoy it, but it ended up being a major highlight of the trip. this isn't a picture of the blue angels (they were too fast for my lazy camera to catch.) their flyovers were uncomfortably loud for milo, but he also loved the show and now sleeps with his blue angel toy plane at night, takes it to church, etc.

i like how jamie's glasses reflect things.

eating sourdough at boudin.

me at miette. about to purchase some macarons. unaware that they would never see the light of utah. i'm still bitter. (look at those cake plates!)

on day three my camera died, so i used my dad's camera for the rest of the trip. i'll post those soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm recalling every moment. When can we go back? AG

wendy said...

OK Abby--I am starting to get jealous of you. ;-) You look like a movie star in every picture! And you've got some pretty sweet camera skillz, too. It's so not fair! ;-)

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time. I'm glad you were able to take a vacation.

Suz said...

It looks like you had a fabulous vacation!! Super cute pics and I love your sunglasses!!

Sarah said...

This looks like such an eventful, fun trip! I am jealous too. And I have the same striped anthro sweater in navy. You look darling in every picture!

Angela said...

So jealous of your trip! It looks lovely, and that picture of you and Milo in the sun.

Meghan said...

This post makes me super happy and sad all at the same time. We miss our life in the bay area! BTW-your hair is awesome and your whole family could model.