Monday, October 27, 2008

more san fran

this is a lot of pictures. sorry. it's a sickness.

on one of the nights we looked toward the bay and realized angel island was on fire. it was a big deal on the news and bizarre to witness.

one of the places we ate in chinatown was sam wo. can you see how narrow the restaurant is? impossibly small. we had dish after dish after dish of delicious food and it ended up costing only about $25.

japanese tea gardens at golden gate park.

in front of the seven sisters. pin a rose on my nose.

near haight-ashbury. i didn't care for that area very much. i guess i'm not a hippie. (that's me in the mirror.)

we walked across the golden gate bridge one day. it's almost 2 miles long!

the town on the other side of the bridge is sausalito. very very cute houses.

we took the ferry back to san francisco from suasalito. there was a model shoot on the ferry. kind of funny.

judy's diner had the most amazing breakfast food. i had cream cheese-stuffed french toast.

my shoes were absolutely killing my feet one day. i bought some 99 cent sandals in Chinatown. hot.

my handsome dad.

jamie not realizing he was looking dramatic on a cable car/street car/trolley. (i'm still not really sure of the difference?)

after touring a coast guard boat. my dad is retired coast guard.

in chinatown. right before we realized we needed to get back to our hotel and get our stuff, or we were going to miss our plane. it was an ordeal. bus, taxi, BART... anyway, we made it to the gate on time (out of breath from running. very "home alone.").

mom and dad, we couldn't have made this trip without you! we love you.


carly said...

You know, sometimes 99 cent shoes are the best ones you'll own. Take for instance Old Navy's $2 flip shoes ever!

Love the pictures! San Francisco looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! I'm right back there, in the moment. Can't wait to do it again with you. AG

Anonymous said...

Post more. AG

Emily said...

SF is so cool. Norah saw these pictures, and said, "Pearlie!"

Did you see that M and P were on the "hipster's" list of names on Oh Happy Day? You are cool, Ab.

Eliza said...

what a great photog you are!

TEH said...

That's crazy you got a picture of the fire! We absolutely loved Chinatown. Didn't make it to Sam Wo, though.

shugee (ashley) said...

you got great pictures. see, you don't even need a fancy slr or holga! i will show nate that picture of jamie and i'm pretty sure he will laugh ten times harder than i did (which was still a lot).

Sarah said...

Cute pictures of everyone! Angel Island on fire would have scared me a bit. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Elena & Alan said...

Cute pictures! What a fun trip!

Tiffany said...

Looks like you had a great trip. How fun that you got to go with your parents and do so many fun things.

Neil and Diana said...

Abby, I love love love these pictures. Thank you for posting them. I am so happy that you all had a great time!!! I miss you. A lot. <3

Anonymous said...

I love that Jamie posed his glamour shot for you. AG

my mudda' calls me jack said...

looks like a lot of fun... good luck on the christmas wish list... I'll go to DI and look for some crusty old cannisters for you.... or is that not what you meant by vintage?