Monday, August 11, 2008

i enjoy

stripes on my clothing.
lychee flavored bubble drinks.
the possibility of rain.
yo gabba gabba (phallic characters or not).
names other than renesmee (ew sick).
planning grand overseas trips that may or may not happen.
salt water sandals.
the anticipation of purchasing cable television but the good sensible feeling of not actually having done so yet.


Emily said...

you enjoy yo gabba gabba phallic characters? ew sick.

I just called Comcast to sign up for $14.99 stripped down nothing, and I'm more excited than I expected to be. I guess I've missed tv.

jenna and kreed said...

I agree with emily, yo gabba gabba bites. I agree with you about Renesmee- Gross. Also T.v. is a lifesavor if you are nursing.

Abby said...

don't be haters you guys.

jenna, i am more than happy to announce that i am done nursing! (but otherwise, yes, tv is a must.

Jarret said...

tv is digital crack, most especially in HD, which I used to worship/be addicted to. Now, just basic cable, sports center during football season makes me smile.

Sarah said...

I enjoy 7 out of 10 from your list. Stripes and newborns and Salt Waters...mmm...mmm...good.

Sarah said...

And I like your new ward blog. What are you doing for your enrichment night, pray tell? I'd like to come!

Neil and Diana said...

what is yo gabba gabba renesmee? I like your list.

Kent Kate & Afton said...

I don't know what yo gabba gabba is and I have never hear of renesmee.

I love lychee, but I have never had a lychee flavored bubble drink. Intresting! Where would you get one.

I love planning trips too. Right now I am planning one to Hawaii. Which may or may not happen too. I know that isn't very adventurous but I have decided that I need to see more of the U.S.

ps that bed time picture below is so funn!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of the drink, the yo gabba, or the name renesmee, and I hear a lot of news. What are you reading? AG

Abby said...

breaking dawn, people. one of the vampire books. this one is pretty awful. renesmee is a character.

and yo gabba gabba is a tripped-out kids show on nickelodeon.

and lychee is a fruit. and bubble drinks are those smoothies with tapioca bubbles in them. and there is a place called munchies, i think, near riverwoods that sells them kate.

Trent and Brooke Warner said...

Hey Abby,
Glad to hear that you're a Twilight fan too! Found your blog via Bethany's. Just had to say hi. Your kids are so cute. I loved looking at your blog.
Brooke (Bennett) Warner

Bethany said...

So, are you saying you don't like Breaking Dawn? I haven't had a chance to read it yet. That would be disappointing if it wasn't good! Are there more to come after, or is this the last?

Emily said...

I don't hate yo gabba gabba, I just sort of like that I don't have to listen to it in the background of my life.

Abby said...

yeah, bethany, it's pretty bad in my opinion. i have not enjoyed it at all. it's the last one.

emily, is there a party in your tummy? (so yummy, so yummy?)

Kim said...

I have never seen Yo Gabba Gabba, but I have an insane fondness for The Fairly OddParents.

lindie said...

hey abby,
unlike most people. i have seen yo gabba gabba and i hate it with a passion. Its right up there with the wiggles!! HATE, HATE, HATE!!!
Anyways, I talked to Rachael about the whole blogging thing and she was zero help. She told me that you were the one to talk to you.
So here it goes hope you can help cuz i'm a huge nerd at all of this!!! So first of all, view my complete profile isn't on my blog anymore, and i'm pretty sure its cuz i messed it up big time, and i don't have enough hours in the day to try to figure it out anymore!! Secondly, how in the heck do you list peoples blogs that you want to view on your own blog. Like on yours you have catagories of family and friend. Right now I'm looking like i have no friend!!
sure could use your help
love ya,

i'm not sure when i will be in utah again, but i will def. let you know. I would love to see you guys and your cute growing family!!!

Anonymous said...

Abby! hey long time no hear or see! I miss you guys. I can't believe how big Milo is. I love that you blog and I can keep up with you guys. Pearl holy cow...a year old. Man the time flies. I miss you all so much and I will be coming to see you soon! Sorry I have not been home when you were up in the area, but we'll get toghether soon.

Give my love to your cute little family.

Luv ya! Brooke