Friday, July 11, 2008


really love this show. usually don't get to watch it. my kids, you know. jamie tries to push my buttons and says the only reason he likes working nights is so he doesn't have to watch it. he thinks the girls are too scantily clad. i do have to agree on that count. but really, if i devoted my whole life to trying, i couldn't dance like these people. and so it makes me a little sad. but mostly happy.

mark and chelsie are the best. chelsie is a uvu girl. and mark is just rad. if you're not going to watch any of these videos, just at least watch the third one. it's so good.


Jill said...

I agree! chelsie and mark are my favs! And that dance by Twitch...incredible! So glad you watch!

Kent and Kate said...

Oh, I love love love this show! My favs are Will (oh he is so ... sigh ... marvelous!) and Twitch.

camilleandgregsorensen said...

HAHA I just blogged about Chelsie on my blog- she was my neighbor and I dated her brother for a little while. They are seriously the coolest and she totally deserves to win!