Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I just found this photography blog a few minutes ago. It is amazing. This woman takes pictures of her kids that are beyond words. And I just read that she lost her three-year-old daughter a little over a year ago and now I'm completely blubbering and I'm about to go into my children's room and hug them and I don't even care if they wake up.


Anonymous said...

Profound. You're so right. AG

Liza said...

I miss you, Abby.

shugee said...

why do we even try when there are people with amazing talent like this out there? amazing.

thanks for sharing that, it's a blog i'm sure i'll frequent now!

Mrs McAvoy's Buzz said...

wonderful photo!! I can't wait to go to her blog.
The other day I read this
"when you loose your parents you loose your past, when you loose a child, you loose your future" so very sad.