Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the last few days in pictures

friday night was a thrill a minute with the utah flash!
don't let the face fool you. he loved every minute of it. lots of "yessss!" and high-fives and air punches. he is obsessed with basketball, have you heard?
but, pearl's face is spot-on. basketball is too loud. she cried and cried. we left before half-time.

pearl in happier times (an hour earlier).

getting ready for church on sunday. church is always wonderful, but it is especially so when you don't have to speak. (last week. blech.)

monday was zoo day with the cool craigs. this is the resident gorilla at the hogle zoo. just seconds before i took the picture it proudly ate its own poop. this was, hands down, the highlight of the visit (that is, if you were a craig boy).

elliot measuring up with an orangutan. but he eats pizza, thankyouverymuch.

i think giraffes are my new favorite animal.

elliot and issac on the train. right before we got charged by bison and almost died. (really!)

and finally, this is me smiling at the warmth and sunlight we have been experiencing lately. my body and my spirits are defrosting.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh . . I was on here 15 minutes ago, and there was no new post. Thanks for making my day! I LOVE seeing pictures of everything you Utah people do! AG

Mrs McAvoy's Buzz said...

Abby your whole family is simply beautiful :)
I can't believe how much Pearl looks like Milo!

Mezik said...

See Here or Here

Sarah said...

Your hair looks so cute!

The giraffe has always been my favorite animal.

Kent Kate & Afton said...

I am glad Pearl doesn't like loud basketball. Afton has a hard time too. We have been going to a lot of Jazz and BYU games and we either have to leave early or one of us has to walk around with her.

Emily said...

Hey, we gave Pearl that sweater!

That picture of E is cute.

shugee said...

cuuuute. nate and i have been wanting to go to the zoo recently, it was a good idea to go while it was still warmish outside! i think we're going to have to wait a few more weeks...

wendy said...

I love the pic of James & Milo getting ready for church. ;-)

And Pearl is always super cute.

And Abby--you are so hip. And pretty.

Mrs McAvoy's Buzz said...

you can buy baby ear thingy's (what are they called?) like big ear phones, the Spice girls use them when they bring their babies on stage or take them to an event!

Becky said...

Hi Abby! I'm so jealous that your hanging out with Elliot and Isaac in these pics! We sure miss Emily and Steve but are glad you're taking good care of them. And how fun on the hair. I went dark brown (it felt black) about 2 years ago. I only lasted 2 weeks!