Thursday, March 27, 2008

In South Philadelphia, born and raised...

We flew into Philly Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday were mainly spent exploring Reading Terminal Market, Amish Country, and the Franklin Institute. Let me just say right off that I think the East Coast is awesome. Let me also add that we might as well have climbed that one big mountain in Nepal rather than endure a four hour plane ride with our kids. (It was that bad. Especially coming home.)

Milo was obsessed with Papa on this trip. Obsessed. He would basically hiss if anyone else touched him.

Pearly and Nana are BFF. No one else could get her to sleep. (Pearl had a horrible horrible rash as well as a cold on this trip. She wasn't at her happiest. Yesterday we found out she has strep in her bum-bum, eczema, and a yeast infection. Yikes!)

Reading Terminal was really fun. Tons and tons of food. Jamie and I each gained about 3 pounds on this trip, but boy was it worth it.

The Franklin Institute was a really fun, kid-centered, interactive science museum. They currently have a Star Wars exhibit with original costumes, etc. A few of us rode the "sky bike." I was definitely the most nervous about it, but that is only because Mom refused to do it. Neil is on it in this picture.

We ate at Viet Huang one night. Vietnamese food. My first time with Pho (above), which I love love. They had those bubble drinks too, so of course I got one and made Jamie get one too. You can tell Milo is my son because he wanted them all to himself. Jamie and I came back after NYC and ate here again. Ryan also took us the first morning to John's, home of the best cheesesteak in Philly. So good and authentic and big. I only managed half of it.

Keeping it real at Ryan + Jessica's. They live very near the Italian Market (below). Actually, they live very near everything. They were such lovely hosts, especially considering Milo threatened the lives of their cats on a regular basis.

Amish country was gorgeous:

We sampled Shoo Fly Pie and got excited every time we saw a buggy on the road.

Thursday, around noon, we set off on the infamous Chinatown bus for NYC! But not before we ate some authentic cannoli from Isgro's. (Side note: Ryan + Jessica have a shower curtain with words and their definitions on it. While conditioning my hair I learned that you should only use "infamous" if something has a bad reputation. I think I thought it meant "really really famous." In the case of the Chinatown bus, "infamous" still applies.)

Come back tomorrow to see if we survive the Chinatown bus!

(I'm sorry for the barrage of pictures. I'm my mother's child in that I enjoy a good, comprehensive trip rehash. Also, I took no less than 400 pictures, so you better believe I'm posting some more.)


Jill said...

I love it! Keep the photos coming! Abby- that third to last picture (you and Jamie and the kids), you look like your hair is cut could totally pull off the Michelle Williams hair cut!

Mrs McAvoy's Buzz said...

Yup I agree East Coast is fab!

Hope Pearl feels better soon!

Can't wait to see more of your trip, you're making me miss NYC!

wendy said...

I'm all about pictures, too Abby! The more, the better in my opinion.

Poor poor Pearly. How is she today?

Anonymous said...

You took me right back. Great pictures! I can actually taste the pistachio cannoli. I'm anxious to hear your version of the Chinatown bus experience. AG

Mrs McAvoy's Buzz said...

p.s. I posted the video of the guy you too are swooning over :)

shugee said...

looooove the pictures! you guys are so cute, it makes me excited to possibly be an east coaster some day! (and will you guys please move there too so we have some friends?)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Very Entertaining - can't wait for the next "chapter" in your adventure! :-)

Sarah said...

Really cute pics Ab! Owen enjoyed looking at them too.

I've had the "infamous" conversation with Mark a few times, and more recently with Dad to finallly prove my point. Dad was no help at all. He said it officially does mean "famous in a bad way," but it COULD be used in the "very famous" way too.

I disagree. And so does R and J's shower curtain.

Abby said...

I am trying to decide if I trust an Arizona Republic editor or a shower curtain more...