Thursday, February 21, 2008

i rather feel like expressing myself

I recently watched Funny Face (thanks, Ashley) and adored every little bit of it. In my family, we all inherited a gene from my dad where if something is popular/ubiquitous/trendy, we're obligated to not like it. Well, Audrey Hepburn is every girl's favorite actress and I've tried not to like her. But I like her.

My favorite scenes were when she dances in the cafe (a la 2006 GAP commercial) and also when she's gliding down some stairs and Fred Astaire is trying to take her picture and he's saying, "Stop! Stop!" and she's saying, "I can't stop. Take the picture.... I don't want to stop. I like it. Take the picture." You need to watch the movie to get the full effect of that one. It's pretty funny.

Also, my sister-in-law reminds me of Audrey and I'm jealous.

Also, the flower bouquet she has for the wedding shoot = the flowers I wish I had chosen for my wedding. They're just little white flowers. I like em.


Anonymous said...

I've always been fascinated by Audrey Hepburn. I bought a poster of her at a student art show last year.

Abby said...

Yeah, I like that poster a lot Mom. I kind of want to get the Funny Face poster and frame it.