Monday, February 11, 2008

i like yoga

I mean, I love it. I really look forward to Wednesday nights, when Emily and I meet up at the local (freezing cold) martial arts studio for some exercise/meditation. That little hour is the highlight of my week- ME time. Jamie is in charge of putting the kids to bed and I am in charge of...nothing. I have so few moments when I am "by myself," so I really love it. Emily is basically a yoga master, but those 60 minutes kick my behind for real, yo. I love pushing myself and then feeling sore the next day and knowing I'm doing something good for my body.

On night one of yoga, we were about halfway through our session, doing a downward dog or something when Emily turned to me and whispered, "Does it smell like dog food to you?"

I love hanging out with my sister.

(I think we're working on the above pose next week...)


Emily said...

I am so all over that pose.

And I think it's my mat that smells like dogfood. Mmmm.

I love hanging out with you, too, and I think we both need to get out more. How about next time our husbands conspire to go do something fun, we say, "Our turn" and hike or shop or something.

Anonymous said...

There's something wrong with that man. That pose is insane! I would like to take yoga with you, and I know Diana would, too. AG

Liza said...

I miss you Abby. I love your blog. It makes me want to have babies (which we hope to do in a couple years). If I wrote on my blog every day, would you write on it too? Did I tell you I miss you?

shugee said...

i don't know about that man's pose...i think i'd be scared to walk into a yoga studio full of people doing that, haha. i wish i were into yoga, maybe when graduate...

Kent Kate & Afton said...

You will have no problem with that pose. Just think about your breath. It just feels like an extreme plow. HA yeah right. My legs would break off before they even got back there. You have inspired me. I am going to find a ballet class or some other class I can take once a week that will be my time.

Val and Dan said...

Abs, I love yoga too! Doesn't it just feel SO good? You walk away feeling totally...cleansed and strong and like "my body is amazing." Glad to hear you and your sis are enjoying it!

Sarah said...

And Sarah would too.

Abby said...

Emily, yes yes yes.

Mom, betcha could do that pose no problem! Wish you and Diana were here so much!

Eliza, snoopsanoop. (I don't know how to say "I miss you too" in Simian.) Please write on your blog everyday. I love it so.

Ashley, I think I'm going to do a bookbinding, floral design, or beginning ballet for adults class next. No waiting to graduate, you should do it with me.

Kate, you should do it! I would invite you to aforementioned beginning ballet class, but uh...yeah. :)

Val, totally. I am aware of my body, and it's saying, "Ouch!" I love it.

Sarah, you don't know how bad I wish you were here. Or we were there.