Sunday, February 03, 2008

hen hao chi

I guess I want to talk about food. I've had some good meals lately. And sometime meals are the most exciting thing going on in my life, and I'm ok with that.

Our friends Nate and Ashley just got back from living in India for three months, and they slaved away in their kitchen last night to make us the best Indian food ever. It was seriously so good and authentic. They actually went to their favorite food stall back in Chavadipur, India and videotaped the guy making stuff. I can't remember all of the dish names- parothas, saag aloo, chapati, Chavadi curry... So good. If you want some, I guess you're out of luck unless you make friends with them too. Maybe you should, because they're really neat.

Wendy and Tim had us over a little while ago and Wendy made her famous fish tacos. Oy, they were good. Best fish tacos ever. She cooks up some tasty tilapia and then tops it with sweetly-sauteed cabbage and cheese on a corn tortilla. Oy. It's good. Maybe I can share the recipe on my blog. I'll ask her. Otherwise, once again, you're out of luck. Make friends with Wendy. She's the coolest.

We went to the new burger joint on State Street, EZ Take Out Burger, a week or two ago. Ignoring my disdain for the name, the burger was pretty good. It is a certified In-n-Out knock-off. Not as good, but close. Not as big. The fries are better (says Jamie). The shakes are not as good (says me). Good, though.

I really like the Chinese restaurant Shoots at Riverwoods. We were headed to the grocery store the other night and I said, Oh doesn't Shoots sound good? to Jamie and suddenly we were in the parking lot. It was sweet. This time we had the Honey something-or-other chicken and Mushu crepes. Both were really great. My favorite thing about the place, though, is the Shoots Boba- a smoothie drink with tapioca balls in it that you suck out with a huge, awesome straw. I get really excited about drinks.

Also, tonight we had really great enchiladas with mole sauce a la Jamie's mom and deeelicious German chocolate cheesecake care of his sister Amy. I really love good food. I should probably learn to cook better.


wendy said...

Thanks Abby! (You can certainly share the recipe and by the way--I use tilapia. I tried salmon once, but it was kinda weird. It has to be tilapia--glad I figured that one out before I became vegetarian.)

I'm sorry I missed Amy's cake! ;-(

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should be a food critic. You have the knack for describing delicious food! Amye

Abby said...

Oops! Tilapia. I'll fix that. Thanks for letting me share!

Mom, you're nice. I think I'd be a horrible food critic because as I reread this post I think I couldn't have used the phrases "really great" and "pretty good" any more.

Sarah said...

Man, you guys eat well! I think I would like Shoots. The name alone is great and any kind of crepe is awesome!

TEH said...

Hey! We're friends of Nate and Ashley . . . where's our Indian meal? Maybe it would help if we lived closer.

Val and Dan said...

made any bran muffins lately?

Abby said...

Sarah- you really would like it. It's small and hip and delicious. Then you walk out with a full tummy and hit the boutiques.

Tawny- Maybe you better get yourselves down here stat.

Val- No! But I was thinking the other day about how obsessed I was with those. My diet was really strange that year. Maybe I'll make them again soon- it'll take me back to 2003.

shugee said...

oh my goodness, that first picture is making me so hungry for south indian food. did jamie take that picture on his mission or something? or where'd you get it? i would kill someone for some appalum right now. a rice meal would be so much more wonderful than what we cooked! i'm glad you guys liked it, though. now you guys have to make us Chinese food (because I PROMISE i really do want it!)

Kent Kate & Afton said...

Food is always fun to talk about! I have never been to Shoots. We should check it out.