Friday, January 18, 2008


I like this photo because it gives the illusion of hair to Pearl's bald little pate. Lookin' good sugar!

(Disclaimer: The floor looks really dirty, but I swear I just vacuumed that day. Turquoise carpet hides very little. I could go on and on about turquoise carpet... I keep waiting for the day when I open my Domino magazine and read that Jonathon Adler just installed turquoise carpet in his Manhattan loft. You know, like it's sooooo ugly that it's cool. Still waiting...)


Jill said...

Abby! Turquoise carpet is so in in NYC! Speaking of NYC, when are you coming? I can't wait to see you! How long are you staying? I really want to hit up a TV show! Let me know

Anonymous said...

A-dor-able! She looks so much like Jamie. AG

Anonymous said...

abby grace! your kids are sooo adorable! pearl is getting so big! i think you should move into our house when we leave!