Tuesday, January 15, 2008

don't like

carl's jr. commercials
viruses that invade my children's bodies
watching american idol by myself
being sooo tired in the morning and then being so awake right now when I really want to go to bed


Sarah said...

The founder of Carl's Jr. died this last week.

Abby said...

Maybe he didn't like his commercials either.

Val and Dan said...

Abs, I TOTALLY know what you mean about watching American Idol by yourself. I watched the 2-hour premiere last night by myself while Dan was studying, and afterward I told Dan how AI just didn't do it for me like it used to. (Except for the black guy singing "Let my people go!"...that did it for me)

Abby said...

I can see that guy doing it for you. I liked the Leia girl. Kooooooo-ky.

I'm wondering why Dan is bothering to study when he already got accepted to med school? Am I just lazy?

Emily said...

This is what's lame about Carl's Jr.: the gimmick used to be that the $6 burger only cost about $3. NOW, it costs at least $6 and they say that other places give you the same thing for $20. What?! No sit down restaurant is charging $20 for a hamburger, and if they are, it is going to dang better than Carl Jr.'s. That is why Carl's Jr. is lame.

Abby said...

And their commercials are nasty.