Monday, January 07, 2008

Brighton ain't so bright

We went snowboarding at Brighton on Friday night with friends Matt and Tim. This was probably my sixth time snowboarding. At times I have thought I could really get into it and get good, but Friday night made these realities apparent:

I am not good.
I am never going to be good.
I hate being cold.

I guess it didn't help that the Great Blizzard of '08 was upon us that night, and huge gusts of snow and wind rocked our lift back and forth. So basically, I am in favor of the other board sports: surfing, skateboarding. Although, I don't think I'm going to be busting out ollies any time soon. The guys had a lot of fun, so call me Nellie Negative.

Also, Jamie has bronchitis and strep and Milo has two ear infections, so please feel sorry for us. Thank you.


Bon said...

will do

wendy said...

POOR James! ANd POOR Milo! And POOR Abby (since you get to take care of the sickies)!

I hope everyone gets better straight away!

Sarah said...

That's a bummer. Also, is that a one-piecer on Jamie?

Anonymous said...

Elinor said the wind was horrible in SLC that night. I'm surprised you didn't complain about that until now.
I do feel sorry for you. AG

Anonymous said...

Sorry it wasn't as good for you Abby.

I'm still waiting on that album review.


Abby said...

Sarah- Not a one piecer. But wouldn't that be funny?

Tim- It's coming. We need to give it two or three listens. But I'm already loving it.

Mom- I thought of you the whole time the lift was swaying, thinking you'd have some choice words if you were in the same situation.

debi said...

Sarah's comment made me laugh- hard. :) James could pull it off though, if anyone could.

You're a good sport for going Abby. I always use the excuse that someone has to stay home with the babies.

Austin said...

Heavens. Hope you all feel better.