Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The boys in this family are strange.

Jamie, looking at me: "You're so pretty. In a real Patrick Dempsey kind of way."

(After I laughed for 5 minutes straight, he admitted he had no idea who Patrick Dempsey was.)

Then, later:

Milo: "Hi candles! Hiiiiii! Hi candles!"

(Randomly waving to the candles on the kitchen counter.)

What funny boys.


TEH said...

Another reason you guys should watch Gray's Anatomy. Thanks for the beautiful photos and sweet note. We miss you, too.

Val and Dan said...

hahahaha. Abby, when I first read this post, I couldn't imagine why Jamie was comparing your looks to that of the dad on Step by Step. Then I came back to your blog and finally realized I was thinking of Patrick Duffy! hahahaha

Abby said...

Oh Val, you crack me up! Patrick Duffy is a real looker too.

Tawny, is that you? I've been wondering.

Emily said...

So why did Jamie say that is the question?

See you tonight?? (Brrr.)